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Best Japanese Movies of the 2010s

Again, I have not really seen enough of these outside of a festival environment to do a best and worst list.

Outrage Coda (2017)

Beat Takeshi is still turning out solid movies and I didn’t feel like I missed anything not seeing the other films in this series.

Shin Godzilla (2016)

Very Japanese in the way the Legendary pictures movies are not. People may claim that Godzilla is hardly in those other movies but this movie is mainly meetings. The director’s experience on Neon Genesis Evangelion comes through as the monster is dealt with as if it is a natural disaster and then a military threat with combined arms tactics used.

Love and Peace (2015)

This was the first movie I watched after a stay in hospital as I had been wanting to see it for years. Worth it.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

“Oh no I left the goats out!” Great to see a documentary about Hayao Miyazaki finally and as it turned out it was not his final movie after all.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013)

This movie took so long to complete no one thought it would ever be finished. This director is the more prickly of the Studio Ghibili directors. A unique story and sweet visuals to go with it.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (2013)

Wooo-boy! A nice action movie and severe burn on do-nothing film “experts” who sit around talking about how they can make the best movie ever if they ever did anything.

13 Assassins (2010)

A huge ensemble cast take on a brutal lord. Everyone gets their chance to shine. There are many different cuts of this movie for some reason?


Best and Worst Hong Kong Movies of the 2010s


Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010)
Dr Donkey Wang I presume?

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (2010)
If you are a fan of Donnie Yen and martial arts movies I would still recommend this movie, otherwise you might want to wait for “Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame” that looks a lot better (and it was).

The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (2011)
While not essential viewing compared to some of Tsui Hark’s earlier work, it is still a lot better than the super serious historical Chinese epics or all the “Happy Birthday China” movies that seem to be coming out at the moment.

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2013)
The better of the two Journey to the West trilogies by a mile.

Cook up a Storm (2017)
Accidental comedy masterpiece FUCK YOU DAD! *throws bottle of hard liquor at giant poster of Anthony Wong*

Shadow (2018)
For those of you who prefer your action more slow and complatitive

Project Gutenberg (2018)
This got a lot of shit but I liked it. That shot of Chow Yun Fat setting the counterfeit money on fire is totally not in the movie. Needs 100% more scenes of the engraving the money.

IP Man 4 (2019)
A nice wrap up to the series and well worth your time when it comes out on streaming or whatever service you get to see it through. I thought I reviewed the 3rd one by I can’t find it. This serves for both.


Monkey King (2014)
This film is a mess.

Sky on Fire (2016)

The Mermaid (2016)
Supposedly the biggest box office of the year in the world, why do I not care about any of the characters or story at all?

Bleeding Steel (2017)
Some of these actors should have just asked if they needed the money this much. I am ashamed to watch it.

L Storm (2018)
Not bad, just adequate, but movies have to do a lot more than just be OK these days. Louis Koo’s hair is indestructible as it even survives getting electrocuted and his suit is always immaculate.

Big Brother (2018)
I did like the go cart chase, but this movie seems like Dangerous Minds did it better in the 90s.

Triple Threat (2019)
Not enough Michael Wong, negative a billion! 2009-2019: Various other stats

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Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019: Monster / Woman

Performed by: Sabrina D’Angelo and David McLaughlin

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019

Quilt Room, Trades Hall, Tuesday 24th September 2019


This show was on last year at the Melbourne Writers Festival, I did not get to see it but my friend did and recommended it to me. I also saw Sabrina who was one of the models at the Dr Sketchys session at the same festival. I have wanted to see one Sabrina D’Angelo’s shows for years but have never been able to make it.

The show explores the lore behind the fable of Medusa from ancient times through to today with a lot of things in the show that I have not heard of. It shows the amount of research that went into the production as while the original Greek story is the most known, I did not know about Freud’s interpretation of the story.

Leading up to the show were some great promotional videos that hopefully will be included in the special features if the production ever ends up on DVD.

Sabrina is a great physical comedian, but this show was the chance to show off her more dramatic skills which she does as a great deal of the performance is just her head on a table. You wouldn’t think such a heavy concept based show would get so many laughs but it did.

David McLaughlin was excellent as the straight man and comic foil at times. He played seemingly a dozen different roles throughout the show well.

While the show does have strong feminist themes I would not say you have to be a feminist to enjoy it. There is a lot of things you could learn from it if you have an open mind.

An excellent show and right at home at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, this is the kind of production you want to have on the program.


MIFF 2019: WTF Shorts

Docking (2019)

Director: Trevor Anderson

A man explores his fear of dating and then GIANT SPACE DONGS

Not really much to this one except for a dick joke.


Wet. Warm. Dribble. (2019)

Director: Aaron Petersen

A woman girls her heart to her lover, except this time she actually gives her heart. There is bloody spraying everywhere but the characters seem oblivious to it.

For the inevitable heartbreak the woman has to physically get back her heart from her lover who has carelessly put it on a side table.

This was a great funny short and got a good reaction from the audience. The director introduced it before the screening. I liked the actress in it and would see her in other roles.


SHHHH (2019)

Director: Mordechay Jonathan

A mother gets her baby to sleep just as the father gets home. Things escalate.

Rang true with the mother throwing the tea towel directly at the father’s head. Not sure about the pissing in the soup bit but my dad did once spit beer over a cake as he thought it would be funny. Lucky it was the cake that ended up in the bin and not him.


Mr. Mare (2019)

Director: Luca Tóth

A man finds out he has a parasitic twin poking out from his side, but awakes to find one day he is gone. The tiny man observes the man obsessively and ends up falling in love with the big man. There is a dog in the apartment but it is mainly a passive observer.

Nice lines in this animation and a great retro look.

This one got a lot of laughs with the absurd situations in the film.

Seemed to be some sort of allegory about AIDS with the man rushing out to get himself a woman to prove he wasn’t gay. The tiny man is unhappy with this and leaves.


All Inclusive

Director: Jason Anderson

This short shows various scenes from a cruise ship.

This film played by accident as it was meant to be a totally different film in this slot. I was confused as to why this one was included in this session.


The Procedure 2 (2019)

Director: Calvin Lee Reeder

A man gets kidnapped and wakes up strapped down in a room with a speculum in his mouth.

Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a fart joke.


The Little Soul (2019)

Director: Barbara Rupik

A small figure emerges from a decaying corpse and begins walking. Everything goes strange and a Hieronymus Bosch landscape appears.

Very organic looking stop motion animation, always moving and very wet looking.

Unsettling to look at but still a compelling watch.


Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You (2019)

Director: Brandon Cronenberg

A woman with a strange device on her head gets experimented on. She describes her experiences and they become real. It always ends with her being in hell. Not really sure if she is still in a dream at the end.

A well put together horror style short that proves you do not need many locations or even people to do things. I do like the practical psychedelic optical effects with repeating images.


Slug Life (2019)

Director: Sophie Koko Gate

“I’ve got tits from space and an ass from hell!”

Set in the future, a woman prints her ideal boyfriend on a 3D printer.

Reminds me of early 2000s flash animation. Very unique character designs and animation.

The sun says hello to everyone.


Piggy (2018)

Director: Carlota Pereda

Sarah has all her clothes stolen by some bullies at the pool and has to walk home in her bikini. The man she saw in the pool offers her back her clothes in exchange for ignore what she saw in his van

Very disturbing and hard to watch in places like the bullying scenes and the hoons abusing the main character on the road.

MIFF 2019: Animation Shorts Program

Dance of the Dead (2019)

Director: Scarlet Sykes Hesterman

A bunch of animals lovingly made in felt lie in a display case. They all are extinct Australian mammals from the last 200 years. A new dead animal is wheeled in and the spirits of the extinct animals rise from their bodies to dance in the air and raise the new arrival’s spirit.

This was the graduation film from the director and it looks great. The felt animals were all made by different people and the animation of spirits works well with the stop motion of the felt.

There are 15 animals that are extinct that are show in the short and they are listed in the credits. The new animal is the first to become extinct from climate change in Australia. It was last seen in 2009 and only officially listed as extinct in 2019.


The Grave of St Oran (2019)

Director: Jim Batt

Writer/Narrator: Neil Gaiman

Two men arrive on an island to build a church, which keeps falling down. Troubling dreams plague one of the men who has visions of himself killing the man and burying him in the foundation to keep the church falling down. Heresy is spoken and the church still stands to this day.

This short is based on a poem by Neil Gaiman who also narrated. It took six months to film with paper cut-out style animation and practical in-camera effects such as the flickering for the fire. Producing the movie took several years and was funded via Kickstarted.

I enjoyed this animation as it had a storybook feel to it with the drawing and animation fitting a picture book come to life.

Even though there is just the narrator you do feel the other character’s voices and the overall theme is good.


Rules of Play (2017)

Director: Merlin Flügel

Mysterious figures in pink jumpsuits in strange landscape that turns out to be a playground. They have strange rituals to learn how to play on the equipment and various games that end of more esoteric.

Nice hand-drawn style animation with bold lines and geometric shapes. Only a few colours such as a pink jumpsuits but they work well and there was a lot of laughter from the audience.


Reneepoptosis (2018)

Director: Renee Zhan

Mini Renees explore the world of Renee with orders not to eat themselves, but they do anyway.

Very nice hand drawn animation for the figures and painted backdrops.

There are many strange creatures and landscapes based on Renee.

All the sounds of the creatures are made by Renee and the dialog is from Renee.

Kind of hits you over the head with the metaphor, but still good none the less.


Pulsión (2019)

Director: Pedro Casavecchia

In a series of scenes a young boy has a childhood trauma and become a disturbed adult.

It looks like a model of each scene but seems to be rendered in CGI, very well done and moody.

Disturbing tone and some supernatural elements in the story help sell this one. It was hard to watch in some places.


Intermission Expedition (2010)

Director: Wiep Teeuwisse

Tourists in pastel clothes on holiday to strange landscape when foam appears and then keeps appearing, including erupting from a volcano, washing everything away.

Nice hand-drawn animation with good line work and complimentary colours on the outfits of the tourists.

Did not have any dialog but still managed to tell the story well.


The Hunt (2018)

Director: Mateusz Jarmulski

A young boy goes hunting with a bow and arrow and tape recorder, he stalks a dog who then tracks him. He ends up going for a swim and hides from the dog, but something bad happens. Does not really have an ending.

Great digital painted style animation with bold colours.

Is some symbolism with the church scenes and the skull turning giant for some reason. Never worked out what the tape recorder part was about.


And Then The Bear (2019)

Director: Agnès Patron

A young boy’s oedipal complex explained including a cowboy and a bear.

Great animation with chalk on black paper. What is missing suggests form more than if it was drawn. Of all the shorts I would buy frames of this one to put on my wall.

How to draw a cowboy:

  1. Draw a cowboy hat
  2. Draw the lit cigarette


Daughter (2019)

Director: Daria Kashcheeva

The relationship of a father and daughter explored.

Stop motion animation using roughly constructed puppets, but there is a ton an emotion conveyed with no dialog.

This short had the most pathos out of all the shorts in the program.

Even though you know the puppets are not real they seem very alive.


Entropia (2019)

Director: Flóra Anna Buda

Self-exploration in a psychedelic landscape with many strange creatures.

What is this a Frankie cover? I swear I have seen this style of art somewhere in their publication or related publicity before.

It all ends with lesbians because of course it does.

MIFF 2019: Present.Perfect. (2019)

Director: Shengze Zhu


I was interested in this documentary as I have been a fan of Twitch streamers since the infamous stream back in 2012 that produced the ChkWhaleRoy incident and have since followed Beaglerush playing XCOM to the point where he caught the attention of the game developers and cheesed XCOM 2 so hard in front of the project head that they had to make changes to it. There is also a community that develops around these streams and I have been gifted a subscription two times by users who were handing them out by the dozens.

This documentary is different in that it follows some of the random “anchors” as they are called who are among the 422 million streamers who stream their everyday lives each day in China. There is talk of new government laws coming into effect in 2017 but it was only about 1000 or so accounts that closed.

The streamers shown are not gamers but rather just talk about their lives, do farm work, drive a building crane “I’m fucking bored!” or are sewing underwear in a factory.

This was always going to be on a hiding to nothing after coming off a Werner Herzog documentary just before it. There is no context at all apart from the title card and no narrative. There is more story watching Penny Underbust on stream playing Beat Saber.

I wanted to leave during it as a lot of people were doing but was blocked in by other people. Nothing to see here, move along.

MIFF 2019: Meeting Gorbachev (2018)

Directors: Werner Herzog & Andre Singer

Featuring: Mikhail Gorbachev, Yuri Andropov, James Baker, Leonid Brezhnev, Konstantin Chernenko, Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva, Miklos Nemeth, Vladimir Putin, Ronald Reagan, Horst Teltschik, Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa, Boris Yeltsin


I always like to see a Werner Herzog documentary at the festival and thought his last one about the internet was not really up to his standard. Even though it is about Gorbechev, it is clear who is in charge as Werner talks of being “summoned” by the subject to complete the interviews required for the documentary also the mentions of how Gorbechev has clearly done his research into the film maker and knows what sort of questions he will ask.

The very first question Werner asks is assuming that the first German Gorbechev met would have wanted to kill him. Gorbechev flips the script by saying his neighbours on his family’s farm were German. Werner Herzog insists he is not Mikhail Gorbachev’s “buddy” even though they use first names in the film.

Was a bit much Werner Herzog calling Gorbechev’s home town “God forsaken” but you would expect that sort of thing by now.

As they describe in the documentary the USSR was crumbling by the time Gorbechev finally came to power and the succession of identical funerals for former leaders shows this but I am not sure it was necessary to show all three.

There are a lot of clips of former leaders shown from the time period including Margaret Thatcher speaking on nuclear weapons. Gorbechev disagrees with her views and says she goes too far. Was a comment from the audience “Margaret Thatcher is the perfect villain in everything I have seen her in.”

Interestingly there is a sequence from another documentary, Gorbachev. After Empire released in 2001 by Vitaly Mansky. I remember watching this on SBS TV in Australia specifically his old blind auntie crying and saying “My Misha!”

The documentary tells the story Mikhail Gorbachev and how he transformed himself from a simple farm boy to the leader of one of the largest nations on earth and was loved by the people as he would go out onto the street to talk to them. Would be hard to imagine Putin doing that these days.

You can see the bandage on Gorbechev’s hand in some scenes as he had to be delivered from the hospital as he really wanted to finish the film.

An excellent documentary and hopefully it will get a wider release after it finishes the festival circuit.

Bonus Q&A with Werner Herzog at TIFF

In conversation with Werner Herzog at TIFF

Gorbachev. After Empire (2001) | Vitaly Mansky

MIFF 2019: Amazing Grace (2018)

Director: Sydney Pollack

Featuring: Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland, Southern California Community Choir, C.L. Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Bernard Pretty Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts



The long lost concert/TV special/video record of the recording of Aretha Franklin’s 1972 Amazing Grace gospel album was looked forward to by many and for good reason. I had known a bit about the artist before seeing this film but not that she could also play the piano as I had not heard that mentioned before.

They briefly touch on that the film was recorded for a possible TV special but technical problems kept it from being released. You do hear mention of water being spilled on a console during the recording at one point.

The film is divided into two nights two the first night being the first album in the double set and the second being LP two. As they said at the start of the show they would need several takes so I have no idea who long each song took to record. It does make sense seeing the head of the church sweating so much after two songs if they had already done it multiple times.

The choir was great dressed in silver vests and black threads and the audience seemed to be dressed up for the show too. It was the 70s but those clothes are still great.

The second night seems to be when word gets around as the space is full of people and even a couple of famous people tried to sneak in up the back (CRASH ZOOM ON MICK JAGGER).

Aretha’s father gets up to make a speech during the second night which does go quite well as he talks about her time in the church and that she never left it.

If I had to pick I would say the first night was my favourite in terms of songs and performance and less zooming in to Mick Jagger at random.

Some of the camera choices were odd but it is good you can see the mechanics of one of these films for once as you can see a camera operator moving into shot and then it switches to their footage. Less footage of Aretha Franklin’s nostril please.

It is a great concert film and deserves a wider audience.