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MIFF 2020: Documentary Shorts Program

Up at Night (2019)

Director: Nelson Makengo

Country: Congo

When the power cable is cut to a community the residents have to resort to expensive generators and finding every cheap torch they can scrounge to keep living their lives.

Is a gimmick having three screens and I am not sure if it is used that well as most of the time they are having the same image displayed. Why not just have the one image?

There is no real narrator here and the people tell their own stories. There is some repetition with the generator being filled up with diesel each night and the cycle of the night begins again.

People will find a way to survive no matter the circumstances. It also shows you no matter what your circumstances there are people living in worse conditions than you.


Umbilical (2019)

Director: Danski Tang

Countries: USA, China

A mother and daughter share their experiences as a survivor of domestic violence and growing up living in boarding school respectively.

A nice simple animation style with more representative animation than realistic and some touches of surrealism to suit the mood.

This was a very sweet short with some of the exchanges between the mother and daughter.


Sky Aelans (2020)

Director: Daniel Kakadi, Neil Nuia, Mannar Levo, Junior Patrick Kauha Makau, Zahiyd Namo, Regina Lepping, Jeremy Gwao, Georgianna Lepping, Edward Manuga

Country: Solomon Islands

In the Solomon Islands all areas about 400 metres have been declared a conservation area known as the “sky islands”. This short presents a poem and striking images of the flora and fauna of the region and the people who still live in it following traditional ways.

This is a bit different than just having the usual nature documentary with a commentary and there is clearly a lot of care that has gone into producing this. Hopefully it goes on to have a wide audience.



Playback (2019)

Director: Agustina Comedi

Country: Argentina

The narrator tells the story of a close friend who died of AIDS in the early 90s through video captured from the late 80s and early 90s of the drag scene in Córdoba, Argentina. As they say this is the way they would have wanted the story to turn out so there is a lot of “let’s say this is” and then the person is named.

While the old school video effect is popular these days, actually finding and watching old video is a lot harder as it was expensive to get the camera back in the day and a lot of tapes were recorded over multiple times. VHS tapes are also not usually stored the correct way as for proper archival storage they have to be stored with tension and having them rewound is not.

A great story and sad story but it does show the humanity of its subjects and gives you a view into a scene not many people would know about if you were not into this type of lifestyle.


Birds of Paradise (2019)

Director: Aline Suter, Céline Carridroit

Country: Switzerland

A woman tells her life story with the aid of a photo album and some video in how she married young and then found out she became HIV positive in the 80s when a lot of people did not live for very long. As she said with medication it is possible to live a normal life these days.

This is a great story and proves that you do not need to show much to tell a story. They didn’t even need to “Ken Burns effect” the photos to make them more animated. Nice cameo of her grown up daughter at the end.


All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (2019)

Director: Lasse Linder

Country: Switzerland

Christian lives with his two Russian Blue cats and does not seem to have much else in his life, but that seems to be working out for him and that’s the main thing.

This is an extraordinary amount of access the film maker has been granted to this person’s life and Christian does “let it all hang out” at times. At least put on some pants when you go out to get the mail.

I can confirm that this breed of cats are as dumb as but people seem to like them. Strangely they don’t show the cat giving birth given they were happy enough to show a middle aged man in tiny undies.

From what I heard this is an audience favourite wherever it screens. Maybe save this one to watch until the end of the program and not the one about the refugee camp if you are watching it in the MIFF program.


3 Logical Exits (2020)

Director: Mahdi Fleifel

Countries: Denmark, UK, Lebanon

The director has been filming the same person in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon since he was 10. The title comes from the only three ways people can exit the camp: going to jail, emigrating or dying.

It is mainly the interview subject talking to the camera and telling his story over the years and does not seem to be very promising.

I do not know why they need to show the incident at the end, it does not directly involve the subject as he was only in the funeral afterwards. Maybe don’t watch this as the final film for the documentary shorts session.

MIFF 2020: The Go-Go’s (2020)

Director: Alison Ellwood

The Go-Go’s: Charlotte Caffey, Belinda Carlisle, Gina Schock, Kathy Valentine, Jane Wiedlin

Featuring: Elissa Bello, Paula Jean Brown, Ginger Canzoneri, Chris Connelly, Miles A. Copeland III, Stewart Copeland, Lynval Golding, Lee Thompson, Kathleen Hanna, Madness, The Specials, The Police

While the English punk scene is well known and maybe overdone by now, not as much has been heard about US punk bands especially out of the Los Angeles punk scene. Given there are now elderly punks they need to get onto it quick before too many more people pass away.

I do like going to see women musicians even more than some all-male bands even though I do get made fun of for it. If I didn’t like the music I would not keep going to see the artist.

I had heard of this band’s hits but did not know that much about the band apart from the lead singer’s solo career. It was great to see everyone from the band is still with us even though it looked to be touch and go for a couple of them due to health and drug abuse issues for a time.

The band was very young when they started which would have been rough in such an aggressive and male dominated scene such as punk. We do get to see some great archival photos including Belinda Carlisle in a garbage bag

I did not know the band had toured with the Specials and Madness in the UK and that tour looked pretty rough with the National Front turning up at the shows. Always good to hear from both those bands as SKA has a lot of crossover with punk including people playing in various bands together.

The band’s first hit was a result of this tour as none of the local labels wanted to touch them as they thought they would not do well.

It is a well told story of the band’s rise and three albums and then eventual fall due to inter personal conflict in the band, management issues and health problems. The members did not talk to each other for several years even though some eventually started working with Belinda Carlisle on her work and of course the band got back together due to the reason these things always happen, money.

The animosity between band members is mentioned but not the fact there was a lawsuit only a few years back. What happens with a lot of bands is that people end up having to work together even if they are not really friends by the end of it due to the money involved.

I would recommend this documentary if you are fan of girl bands and it would make a great movie to screen along with the No Time for Quiet documentary that came out last year about the Girls Rock! Camp.


MIFF 2020: Dark City Beneath the Beat (2020)

Director: TT The Artist

Featuring: Uneek, Mighty Mark, Tsu Terry, TT The Artist

Baltimore is a city well known for its crime rate and featuring as the setting for the Wire but I have not heard the latter and did not know much about the city’s artistic scene before this film. Several of the participants of the documentary mention their city not being able to catch a break.

I admit I am not much into the style of music promoted in this film but it was good to see it for something different and it is well packaged.

This is not a straight documentary as people seem to be putting on a performance while they tell their story even people speaking directly to the camera. I would describe it as a music documentary with some social commentary thrown in.

The story explored is the music and club scene of Baltimore and some of the featured artists and major events such as the Queen of Baltimore and King of Baltimore events that are a major thing for the city. The King of Baltimore could have been a documentary all on its own.

It is a very well shot documentary and even the bad parts of the city look good including the Cherry Hill section where they describe it as being one of the worst parts of the city.

If anything it makes the city look too good, but you would think they would want to make the city look attractive for people wanting to work with the artists there. Strangely there do not seem to be any visual artists or anyone involved in non-music or dance works involved but hopefully they do get a boost from this documentary.

They do mention Club Queen Records set up by the director to promote people of colour and women in traditional male-dominated music genres.

While you will get more into this documentary if you are into what they are selling, there is still a lot here to enjoy and see into a scene you would not hear from otherwise.


MIFF 2020: Animation Shorts Program

Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother (2020)

Director: Stephen Irwin

A hunter in the forest shoots a magical wood elf and then has his house destroyed by rainbows, then things start to get weird.

A very strange and funny short with interesting animation and a big hairy man breast feeding magic elves to grow their beards.

While the short starts out as black and white, it quickly becomes more colourful and strange. It does look like cut out paper animation in parts but it is more detailed from than that.

Interesting character designs and funny to watch even if you do not really know what is going on.


Wade (2020)

Directors: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi

Writers: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi

Set in 2042 after global warming has destroyed the city of Calcutta, the survivors look for food on the flooded streets only to be confronted by a pack of tigers. Who will survive?

Nice painted style for setting the scenes of the ruined city and the animation style is similar with detailed characters that suit the story.

There are some confronting images and situations in this short, but it does make for a more realistic story. From the first time I saw one of the characters with a mask on the back of their head I knew there would be a tiger attack as I have seen such a thing in stories about tiger attacks as they always attack the third person in a group of people (some people wear motorbike helmets instead).

This is meant to be speculative fiction but it does feel like the real world and they do not show you how many people have died from the result of climate change, only the survivors and what their lives have been reduced to.

Statement by director


Something to Remember (2019)

Director & Scriptwriter: Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Animals in human clothes sing a mournful tune and then the world ends, again.

A great little stop motion animated story with a fully realised world that has its own story.

We don’t find out if the animals took over this world from the humans or it is an alternate reality where humans never existed but CERN is involved somehow.



Mother Bunker (2020)

Director: George Metaxas

Producers: Pia Dulu, Jason N. Rodriguez, George Metaxas

In the robot bunker after the humans have been destroyed a robot puts on a show.

A great little stop motion animated short with an interesting setting and self-contained setting. Almost feels a shame it is over so quickly.

Even though killer robots have been done a lot in science fiction, this is original as why would robots want to see a drag show? They are 1s and 0s and would not have time for culture I thought?



Kapaemahu (2020)

Director: Directed by Joe Wilson, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, and Dean Hamer

The traditional lore of how the traditional healing knowledge of the native Hawaiians came to the islands is told through the story of the four healers who gave their spirits to the stones and how it has been forgotten.

While I know a bit about Hawaiian culture as does everyone due to the popularity of surfing and the shirts, I have not really heard much about the native culture in terms of their own stories. This was a great animated short and contained a lot of information in a short time.

I would recommend this one if you are interested in Hawaii at all and want to learn more about it.


Inès (2019)

Director: Élodie Dermange

A young woman has to make a momentous decision that will affect her life. While it is not directly discussed what that is, the film does heavily imply something in that direction.

An interesting short in that it looks like every frame is a separate watercolour painting for the main figures as the hair and clothes change tone from frame to frame. Rather than making the whole thing look choppy and amateur it makes it look endearing and gives it a unique style.

There are not many characters in the film but it still manages to tell a good story from them and only the one location.


Human Nature (2019)

Director: Sverre Fredriksen and Zaou Vaughan

In a world where the humans are the animals and cats look at funny human memes on their phones we get this film.

This was one of my favourites due to the animation style of stop motion sewn puppets and such strange scenes as the human cats and the field of human cows.

Not too sure if some of the images are safe for work but it is a funny film any way.



He Can’t Live Without Cosmos (2019)

Director: Konstantin Bronzit

Screenplay: Konstantin Bronzit

A young boy is born into a spacesuit near the cosmodrome and his mother tries to stop him from going to space, but can’t stop destiny.

While simply animated and only set in the one room mostly, it manages to tell a heartfelt and sweet story about motherly love and connection.

Some things are never answered like why the boy is born into a spacesuit but it does not really matter as they are treated like a normal child by their mother and even rugged up in winter even though they are already in a spacesuit.



Ghosts (2020)

Director: Park Jee-youn

Two people in a flooded room are shadowed by a crow and strange things happen.

Given the fact that this is a film festival and the animation shorts program you occasionally get things that make no sense and try your patience. This is one of those.

I did enjoy the animation style and surrealism of it but not really much else as it did drag on and on.


Flesh (2019)

Director: Camila Kater

Cast: Helena Ignez, Larissa Rahal, Raquel Virginia, Rachel Patricio, Valquiria Rosa

Various women recount their own stories related to their own bodies over various stages of their lives. Several different animation styles are used and they are very effective.

One of my favourite shorts for the program and I would recommend this one to health educators and parents talking to their children about health issues.

Even though it is in another language and I don’t actually know these people, the way these stories are told is very engaging and I wanted to hear how they turned out.

I did like the one that was animated by being painted onto dinner plates as it looked like it was very time consuming.



Vale Caravan Music Club (2009 – 2020)

I know the official year of the Caravan Music Club being founded was 2007, but I never went to any of the house party gigs except for a few at someone else’s house they helped put together but never at Pete’s place.

2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020

Carnival of Suburbia 2011 / 2012 / 2013


Oakleigh Bowling Club

Suzannah Espie and the Last Word First and Last Hotel CD Launch
with Walker and the Celestial Railroad Band, Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson and Alison Lang
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 13th February 2009

Chris Wilson & The Spidermen
with Sarah Carroll & Marcel Borrack
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 4th September 2009

OBC Folk Club
with Suzannah Espie, Chris Altman, Fireside Bellows (Jordie Lane and Tracy McNeil), Liz Stringer, Van Walker
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 4th December 2009

New Year’s Eve Summer Soul Shakedown
with Continental Robert, Andy Baylor and the Caravan of Soul Orchestra, Tracey Miller and the Soulettes, DJ Johnny Topper
Caravan Music Club, 31st December 2009



Pirates of Beer
with special guests Shulah and Mym Hampson
Friday 15th January 2010

Models Super Orchestra
featuring Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Mark Ferrie, Jack Howard, Billy Miller and Cal MacAlpine
Friday 5th February 2010

Eilen Jewell
with Fireside Bellows
Friday 5th March 2010

The Junes
Sunday 14th March 2010

Eddi Reader
with Jen Cloher
Wednesday 31st March 2010

Ron Hawkins
with Mick Thomas, Van Walker
Friday 2nd April 2010

TinPan Orange
with special guests Leah Flanagan and Harry Angus
Friday 7th May 2010

Rebecca Barnard & Billy Miller
Sunday 9th May 2010

Don Walker
with Roy Payne
Friday 21st May 2010

Suzie Dickinson 19 Steps CD Launch
with Gen Finnane and Flora Smith
Friday 18th June 2010

Models Super Orchestra
featuring Sean Kelly, Billy Miller, James Black, Mark Ferrie, Jack Howard, Cal McAlpine
Friday 2nd July 2010

Shane Howard Goanna Dreaming CD Launch
Special guests Sally Dastey, Amy Saunders, Kerryn Tolhurst, Bart Willoughby, Archie Roach and many more
Friday 16th July 2010

Renee Geyer
with Tracey Miller
Friday 23rd July 2010

The Dingoes
with Mick Thomas and Michael Barclay
Wednesday 4th August 2010

Shane Howard Goanna Dreaming CD Launch
with Dan Sultan and Scott Wilson
Friday 27th August 2010

Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier Half Man Half Woman CD Launch
with Phia and special guest James Black
Friday 10th September 2010

Vika and Linda Bull
with Cyndi Boste
Friday 17th September 2010

Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2010
with JVG Guitar Method, Rebecca Barnard, Billy Miller, Ian Bland, South of the River Community Gospel Choir, Jack Howard, Grant Hansen
Friday 24th September 2010

Lil’ Band O’ Gold
Wednesday 29th September 2010

Dog Trumpet
with Lisa Miller, Shane O’Mara and Loretta Miller
Friday 8th October 2010

The Little Stevies
with Isaac De Heer
Friday 5th November 2010

The Killer
starring Paul Dawber as Jerry Lee Lewis and Tracey Miller as Linda Gail Lewis
Thursday 11th November 2010 (dress rehersal)

Mary Gauthier
with Tania Elizabeth, Charles Jenkins
Friday 3rd December 2010

Tracey Miller “I Can Tell” CD Launch
with the Sun Kings
Friday 10th December 2010

Models Super Orchestra New Year’s Eve Spectacular
with Rebecca Barnard, Stephen Cummings
Friday 31st December 2010



Charlie Parr
with Dan Kelly
Friday 7th January 2011

Abby Dobson Quartet
Friday 14th January 2011

The Black Sorrows
with Adventure Spirit
Friday 28th January 2011

Tim Rogers in Saligia
with Melanie Robinson, Jen M Thomas, Shane O’Mara, Ian Graindage, Ben Hendry, Shannon Birchall
Thursday 17th February 2011

Fiona Lee Maynard Stiletto Survival (Part 1) CD Launch
with the Stiletto Survival Band and Ron S. Peno & the Superstitions
Sunday 6th March 2011

Carnival of Suburbia 2011

Blackeyed Susans
with the Darling Downs
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Friday 11th March 2011

Tinpan Orange
with Hayward Williams
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Saturday 12th March 2011

Big Gospel Breakfast
with Tracey Miller and the Sinnermen
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Sunday 13th March 2011

Great Southern BBQ
with Chris Altmann & Que Paso
and special guests Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Anna Burley, Matt Walker, Tim Rogers
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Sunday 13th March 2011

The DC3 “Melbourne’s Burning”
with PB Croft
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Thursday 17th March 2011

Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union with Adalita
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Friday 18th March 2011

JVG Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond)
with JVG Guitar Method, The Orbweavers Duo, Mick Thomas, Greg Macainsh, Jane Clifton, Gary Adams, Dan Warner, Ian Bland, Monique Dimattina, Marcel Borrack, Bob Starkie
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Saturday 19th March 2011

Flavours of Oakleigh Festival
with MC Rebecca Barnard, Eagle and the Worm, Bobby Flynn, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission, Vika and Linda, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Caravan Music Club Stage, Warrawee Park, Oakleigh
Sunday 20th March 2011

Band Who Knew Too Much Festival After party
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Sunday 20th March 2011

Graveyard Train
with Little John
Friday 25th March 2011

The Dingoes
with Cyndi Boste
Saturday 2nd April 2011

Rosie Flores
with the Rich Family Band
Thursday 14th April 2011

Tony Joe White
with Tracy McNeil
Thursday 21st April 2011

The Felice Brothers
with Caitlin Rose
Sunday 24th April 2011

Forever Young – The Songs of Bob Dylan
with MC Derek Guille, Van Walker, Adventure Spirit, Tracey Miller, Loretta Miller, Andy Baylor, Suzannah Espie, Charles Jenkins, Ash Naylor, Lisa Miller, Stephen Cummings, Shane Howard, Myra Howard, Joe Camilleri, Atlanta Coogan, Vika and Linda Bull
Friday 27th May 2011

Dave Graney & the Lurid Yellow Mist
with Penny Ikinger
Saturday 2nd July 2011

Graveyard Train
with Cash Savage and the Last Drinks
Friday 8th July 2011

Rebecca Barnard
with David Hosking
Friday 26th August 2011

Ed Kuepper
with Mark Dawson
Saturday 10th September 2011

Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes
with Leon Thomas
Friday 23rd September 2011

Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2011
with JVG Guitar Method, Marngrook Footy Show panel, Billy Miller, Jack Howard, Dave Evans as Harry “Happy” Hammond, Rebecca Barnard, Ian Bland
Friday 30th September 2011

Jeff Lang “Carried in Mind” CD Launch
with Suzannah Espie, Liz Stringer, Jordie Lane
Friday 14th October 2011

Sheilas of the 70s
with Rebecca Barnard, Kerri Simpson, Monique Brumby
Sunday 16th October 2011

Folk Uke
with 49 Goodbyes
Thursday 10th November 2011

Lisa Miller
with Ron Peno and the Superstitions
Friday 9th December 2011

Stax on Soul XMAS Revue 2011
with the Stax on Soul Revue band (Matt Green, Grant Cummerford, Dynamo Horns, Danny McKenna, Brendan McMahon)
guest vocalists Kylie Auldist, Suzannah Espie, Liz Stringer, Mick Pealing, Ian Collard, Matt Walker, Sime Nugent, Alice Keith, Peter Punk, Loretta Miller
Friday 16th December 2011

Models Super Orchestra New Year’s Eve Spectacular 2011
with Stephen Cummings, Eve von Bibra
Saturday 31st January 2011



J. Mascis
with Ben Salter
Friday 6th January 2012

Bob Log III
with Spencer P Jones
Friday 13th January 2012

Van Walker ‘Undeneath the Radar’ CD Launch
with Roesy
Friday 27th January 2012

Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes
with Stella Angelico & The Wilhelm Scream
Saturday 4th February 2012

with the Junes
Friday 10th February 2012

Jordie Lane
with Luke Brennan Band, Sweet Jean
Saturday 11th February 2012

The Transplants Concert for DonateLife Week 2012
with special guest Derryn Hinch, FLYBZ, Paul Greene as Elvis
Sunday 19th February 2012

Painters and Dockers
Live cross to Adam Hills’ in Gordon St Tonight
Monday 20th February 2012

Shane Howard
with Ross Hannaford and Bart Willoughby
Thursday 23rd February 2012

Dust Radio Band Russian Doll CD launch
with Suzannah Espie and Ian Collard
Sunday 4th March 2012

Carnival of Suburbia 2012

Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond) 2012
Description: with MC JVG, Ian Bland, Ben Birchall, the Orbweavers duo, Gary Adams, David Bridie, Mic Conway, Mick Thomas, Lucie Thorne, Marcel Borrack, JVG Guitar Method, Wes and Horse Harrington, Skyhooks
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Thursday 8th March 2012

with Dan Waters, The Nymphs
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Friday 9th March 2012

Mic Conway
with Robbie Long
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 9th March 2012

Dave Warner
with Paul Madigan
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Saturday 10th March 2012

Big Gospel Breakfast
with the South of the River Community Gospel Choir, Bob Sedergreen, Chris Wilson
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Sunday 11th March 2012

The Audreys
with the Language of Birds
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Sunday 11th March 2012

Pieta Brown and the Sawdust Boys
with Lucie Thorne
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Wednesday 14th March 2012

Eilen Jewell and band
with Sweet Jean
Sunday 25th March 2012

The Sonics
with Fearless Vampire Killers
Friday 27th April 2012

Neil Hamburger
with Frank Lee Earnest and the Empty Glasses, Misfits Stunt Crew, Dr El Suavo
Friday 4th May 2012

Saloon Shaker
with Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Tracy McNeil, Saint Jude, Ruby Boots, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, The ReChords
Friday 25th May 2012

Vika and Linda
with She Said Zed
Sunday 10th June 2012

Juke Joint Jump
with Three Kings, Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk, Benny and the Fly by Niters
Friday 29th June 2012

Dave O’Neil’s Caravan Comedy Club
with MC Dave O’Neil, Adam Zwar, Glenn Robbins, Damian Callinan and special guest Nathan Houlihan
Thursday 5th July 2012

The Toot Toot Toots
with Howl at the Moon
Friday 6th July 2012

Sherry Rich and the New Folk Heroes Dakota Avenue CD Launch
with Dan Brodie
Saturday 14th July 2012

with MC Mohair Slim, Continental Robert, Clairy Browne, Tracey Miller, Loretta Miller, Timothy Slater,
and the Hullabaloo all-star band: Andy Baylor, Paul Williamson, Barnaby Gold, Dale Lindrea, Don Stewart, Andrew Ogburn, Dean Wilson
special guests the Hullabaloo dancers – Camilla and Simoncee
Friday 20th July 2012

Don Walker and the Sauve Fucks
with Roy Payne
Friday 27th July 2012

Exile on Main St 40th Anniversary Show
with Nick Barker, Dave Larkin, Pat Carmody, Ash Naylor, Spencer P Jones, The Wolfgramm Sisters, Matt Sonic, Helen Yotis
Exile Band: Jack Howard, Ben Marsland, Carl Treasure, James Black, Ryan Brown, Ben Curnow, Simon Aarons, Jorge Balaas
Saturday 28th July 2012

Graveyard Train
with Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk
Friday 10th August 2012

Lanie Lane
with Sean Ainsworth
Sunday 12th August 2012

Over the River and Back Exhibition Opening 2012
Special guest photographer Lyn Young
with Sarah and Suzannah, Ian Bland
Wedenesday 15th August 2012

The Slaughtermen
Saturday 18th August 2012

Baby et Lulu
Friday 24th August 2012

Chris Wilson
with Shannon Bourne, Heather Stewart, Sarah Carroll, Fenn & George Wilson
Saturday 1st September 2012

Gram Parsons Tribute
with Suzannah Espie, Van and Cal Walker, Sherry Rich, Tracy McNeil, Luke Sinclair, Jeb Cardwell, Brooke Penrose, Fraser A. Gorman, Sweet Jean, Michael Hubbard, Sean McMahon, Steve Clifford, Alison Ferrier and backing band Matt Green, Garret Costigan, Brendan McMahon, Grant Cummerford, Roger Bergodaz
Saturday 15th September 2012

Greg Champion at the Caravan Music Club 20/09/12
with the Low-ranking draft picks
Thursday 20th September 2012

Tinpan Orange
with Miles and Simone
Saturday 22nd September 2012

Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2012
with Ian Bland, Johnny Von Goes, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Rebecca Barnard, Billy and Bella Miller, Jack Howard, Charles Jenkins, Simon Madden, Paulie Stewart, Dave Pace
Friday 28th September 2012

Return of the Voodoo Sheiks
with Joe Camilleri & John McAll
Sunday 30th September 2012

Clip Clop Club
Sunday 14th October 2012

Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission
with Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel
Friday 19th October 2012

Citadel Records 30th Anniversary
with The DomNicks, Deniz Tek, Penny Ikinger
Friday 26th October 2012

Suzannah Espie “Sea of Lights” Album Launch
Description: with Charles Jenkins, Liz Stringer, Chris Altmann and Grant Cummerford
Friday 2nd November 2012

Caravan Music Club 5th Birthday
MC Jon Von Goes, Ian Bland, Stephen Cummings, Tracy Miller
Models Super Orchestra with Mark Ferrie, Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Billy Miller, Cal McAlpine, Jack Howard, Eve von Bibra
Friday 9th November 2012

Ian Bland “Angel in Reverse” CD Launch
with the Lamington Drive Orchestra, Angie Hart
Saturday 10th November 2012

JVG Guitar Method
with MC Brian Nankervis
Winnebago Lounge, Saturday 17th November 2012

Perch Creek Family Jug Band
with the Bearded Gypspy Band
Friday 30th November 2012

Chris Altmann “Nothing but Nice Things” Album launch
with the Altmann Revue Band
and special guests Henry Wagons, Van Walker, Liz Stringer, Ange Boxall
Saturday 1st December 2012

The Rebelles & The SKA Vendors Christmas Show
with Gator Queen
Saturday 15th December 2012

The Black Sorrows
Friday 21st December 2012

The Dingoes at the Caravan Music Club 30/12/12
with Steve Hoy and Ross Hanaford
Sunday 30th December 2012

New Year’s Eve 2012 at the Caravan Music Club
with Sarah Carroll and the Psychedelic Wildmen, Chris Wilson, the Pirates of Beer
Monday 31st December 2012



Wooden Music Tour
with the Bearded Gypsy Band, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, the Perch Creek Family Jug Band
Friday 1st February 2013

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks
with Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk
Sunday 3rd February 2013

Carnival of Suburbia 2013

Graveyard Train
with Ron S Peno and the Superstitions
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Friday 8th March 2013

JVG’s Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond) 2013
with MC JVG, Ian Bland, Greg Champion, The Orbweavers, Billy Miller, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Monique DiMattina, Billy Miller, John Kennedy, Ron Rude, Dr Pump, Wes and Horse Harrington, Cal McAlpine, Paulie Stewart, The Skyhooks (Bob Starkie, Greg Macainsh, Bob Spencer, Laura Davidson)
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Saturday 9th March 2013

Gospel Breakfast
with Tracey Miller and the Sinnermen
and special guests the Trailer Trash Choir and South of the River Community Gospel Choir
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Sunday 10th March 2013

Ross Wilson at the RWQ at the Caravan Music Club 10/03/13
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Sunday 10th March 2013

The Orbweavers
with Sailor Days
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Friday 15th March 2013

The After Dinner Moose Revue – the songs of Peter Lillie
Description: with the Leisuremasters (Mark Ferrie, Ash Davies, Jon von Goes, Rick Dempster, James Black) and guest vocalists Suzannah Espie, Angie Hart, Sean Kelly & Andrew Duffield (Models), Spencer P Jones, Fred Negro, Mick Thomas, Lisa Miller, Simon Bailey (Pony Face), Dan Warner, Paul Madigan, Jane Clifton, Johnny Topper, Robert Price, Leslie Avril, Brian Nankervis, Gary Adams, Ian Bland
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia 2013
Saturday 16th March 2013

Oakleigh Music Festival Day 2013
with Seattle Fix, Sol Nation, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Chris Wilson, Mick Pealing and the Prairie Oysters, Ross Hannaford and the Critters
Warrawee Park, Sunday 17th March 2013

Livingstone Daises CD Launch
with the Large Number Twelves
Friday 22nd March 2013

The Hillbilly Killers
with Lisa Miller and Shane O’Mara
Saturday 30th March 2013

Stephen Pigram
with Gallie
Friday 19th April 2013

Flamin’ Groovies
with EVEN
Saturday 27th April 2013

Chris Wilson/Sandi Thom
Saturday 4th May 2013

WHOW Fundraiser 2013
with MC Brian Nankervis, Maya Weiss, Chris Wilson, Models Super Orchestra (Sean Kelly, Mark Ferrie, Andrew Duffield, Billy Miller, Eve von Bibra, Cal McAlpine)
Saturday 11th May 2013

Stan Ridgway
with Andrew Swift, Brooke Russ and the Mean Reds
Sunday 19th May 2013

Reverend Horton Heat
with Mojo Juju
Thursday 23rd May 2013

The Break
Thursday 30th May 2013

The Woohoo Revue
with Vardos
Friday 7th June 2013

Bluegrass Extravaganza
wtih The Davidson Brothers, Mustered Courage
Friday 16th August 2013

Dog Trumpet
with Lisa Miller and Shane O’Mara
Saturday 17th August 2013

The Slaughtermen
Saturday 24th August 2013

Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs
with Martin Cilia
Saturday 31st August 2013

Loretta Miller and band
Sunday 8th September 2013

Caravan Campfire Sessions
with Suzannah Espie, Marlon Williams, Kerryn Fields
Wednesday 11th September 2013

JVG Guitar Method
with MC Brian Nankervis
Winnebago Lounge at the Caravan Music Club, Friday 13th September 2013

Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2013
Description: with Dave Warner, Jon von Goes, Billy Miller, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Dave Evans, Rebecca Barnard, Van and Cal Walker, Simon Madden, Loretta Miller, Horse Harrington, Paulie Stewart, Jack Howard
Friday 27th September 2012

Crown of Thorns
with Liam Gerner & the Alan Ladds, Steve Tallis
Monday 4th November 2013

Tinpan Orange
with She Said Zed
Saturday 9th November 2013

Jordie Lane
with Marlon Williams, Old Man Luedecke
Sunday 10th November 2013

3 Artists, 3 Nations
with Mel Parsons, Suzannah Espie and Rose Cousins
Thursday 21st November 2013

Kinky Friedman
with Van Walker
Thursday 28th November 2013

Don Walker Hully Gully album launch
with Suzannah Espie, Roy Payne
Friday 29th November 2013

Dale Watson and His Lone Stars
with Bakersfield Glee Club
Saturday 30th November 2013

Stax on Soul Revue Christmas Show 2013
with the Stax on Soul Revue band (Matt Green, Dynamo Horns, Danny McKenna, Brendan McMahon)
with Peter Punk, Wayne Jury, Emily Lubitz, Liz Stringer Ian Collard, Suzannah Espie
Saturday 14th December 2013

The Black Sorrows
Friday 20th December 2013

New Year’s Eve at the Caravan Music Club 2013
with Sarah Carroll and Her Psychedelic Wildmen, Chris Wilson
Tuesday 31st December 2012



Dog Trumpet
with Bernie Hayes
Friday 24th January 2014

with the Ghouls Gambit
Saturday 15th February 2014

Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission
with Mark Snarski, Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats
Friday 7th March 2014

Hullabaloo – A Celebration of New Orleans Music
with MC Roul Moutard, Tracey Miller, Loretta Miller, Lisa Miller, Wilbur Wilde, Ross Wilson
and the Hullabaloo all-star band: Andy Baylor, James Black, Paul Williamson, Steve Hadley, Lenny Ramos, Ray Pierra, Don Stewart, Sam Lemann
special guests the Hullabaloo dancers – Stella and Ruby
Saturday 15th March 2014

Oakleigh Music Festival Day 2014
with Oakleigh City Band, Santa & Maria, Tracey Miller Trio, Nick Barker, Tinpan Orange, Martha Davis and the Motels, Stax On Soul Revue Band
Warrawee Park, Sunday 16th March 2013

Good Lovelies
with the Little Stevies (duo)
Saturday 29th March 2014

Neil Murray Album Launch
with Yirrmal
Friday 4th April 2014

Sally Seltman
with Wintercoats
Friday 11th April 2014

The Bad Shepherds
with Anne of the Wolves
Sunday 20th April 2014

with MC Brian Nankervis, Paul Harris, Robyn Hitchcock
Thursday 8th May 2014

Forever Young – The Songs of Bob Dylan 09/05/14
with Van Walker, Harry Hookey, Charles Jenkins, Liz Stringer, Gallie, Greg Field, Deborah Conway, Suzannah Espie, Robyn Hitchcock, Mick Thomas, Jen Anderson, Ruby Boots, Shane Howard, Chris Wilson
and house band the Underlings – Ash Naylor, Bruce Haymes, Phil Luscombe, Ross Hannaford, Steve Hadley
Friday 9th May 2014

Forever Young – The Songs of Bob Dylan (Sunday) 11/05/14
with Van Walker, Liz Stringer, Gallie, Greg Field, Roz Girvan, Suzannah Espie, Shane Howard, Rebecca Barnard, Shane O’Mara, Tex Perkins, Stephen Cummings
and house band the Underlings – Ash Naylor, Bruce Haymes, Phil Luscombe, Ross Hannaford, Steve Hadley
Sunday 11th May 2014

Jack Howard and the Long Lost Brothers “Day of the Dog” Album Launch
with Charles Jenkins
Friday 27th June 2014

Jeff Lang “I live in my head a lot these days” album launch
with Liz Stringer
Friday 4th July 2014

Marlon Williams and Melody Pool
Saturday 19th July 2014

Wagons at Caravan Music Club
with Broads
Friday 8th August 2014

Follow Me to Tennessee
with the Weeping Willows, Dan Waters, Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 9th August 2014

Stax on Soul
with Peter Punk (MC), Kylie Auldist, Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Stella Angelico, Liam Gerner
and the Stax on Soul Revue band (Matt Green, Dynamo Horns, Danny McKenna, Brendan McMahon, Grant Cummerford)
Saturday 23rd August 2014

Mia Dyson
wtih Al Parkinson
Saturday 11th October 2014

Don Walker and the Suave Fucks
with Suzannah Espie
Saturday 1st November 2014

Grand Ole Oakleigh – A Country Jamboree
with MC Gary Adams, Suzannah Espie, Peter Baylor, Andy Baylor, Loretta Miller, Lisa Miller, Tracey Miller, Jody Bell, Rick Dempster, Ed Bates, Sharkey Ramos, Steve Temple, Sam Lemann
Saturday 8th November 2014

Vika & Linda
with Tracey & Loretta Miller, Sam Lemann
Saturday 15th November 2014

The Wilson Pickers
with Harry Hookey
Sunday 16th November 2014



Kinky Friedman
with Rob Snarski
Friday 23rd January 2015

Liz Stringer
with Sweet Jean
Saturday 31st January 2015

Shovels and Rope
with Shakey Graves
Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs
with Paul Madigan
Sunday 8th March 2015

Nick Waterhouse
with Loretta Miller and the Jazz Party band
Saturday 14th March 2015

Oakleigh Music Festival Day 2015
with MC Rod Quantock, Des Chio, Ruby Boots, Tek Tek Enemble, Charles Jenkins and the Zhivagos
Warrawee Park, Sunday 14th March 2013

Mojo Juju
with KIDDO
Saturday 4th July 2015

Suzannah Espie “I’m Sorry” Single Launch
with Kylie Audlist
Sunday 19th July 2015

Rob Snarski and Shane O’Mara “Low Fidelity (Songs by Request Volume 1)” Album Launch
with Jess Ribeiro
Friday 31st July 2015

Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission
with the Shotgun Wedding
Sunday 2nd August 2015

Shane Howard
with Ross Hannaford
Saturday 12th September 2015

Have you ever been lonely?
Loretta Miller sings the songs of Patsy Cline
with Mitch Brown
Saturday 19th September 2015

Billy Miller ‘Australia’ Album Launch
with Rebecca Barnard
Sunday 20th September 2015

Americana Hayride
hosted by the Weeping Willows
featuring Bill Chambers, Justin Bernasconi, Cat Canteri, Lachlan Bryan, The Weeping Willows and Bill Jackson
Sunday 25th October 2015

Suzannah Espie “Mother’s Not Feeling Herself Today” Album Launch
with Toni Swain
Friday 30th October 2015

Clip Clop Club Christmas Show 2015
Sunday 13th December 2015



Dusty Millers
The Happy Campers’ Club, Thursday 4th February 2016

JVG Guitar Method
Happy Campers Club, Thursday 11th February 2016

Davies West
Happy Campers Club, Thursday 18th February 2016

Greg Champion
Happy Campers Club, Thursday 25th February 2016

Gallie and Leticia
Happy Campers Club, Thursday 3rd March 2016

Oakleigh Music Festival Day 2016
with The New Savages, Abbe May, Rob Snarski and Shane O’Mara, Cookin’ on 3 Burners with Stella Angelico and Tex Perkins
Warrawee Park, Sunday 13th March 2016

Bondi Cigars
Sunday 13th March 2016

Eilen Jewell
with the Dusty Millers
Saturday 26th March 2016

Frazey Ford
with Liz Stringer
Friday 1st April 2016

Suzannah Espie & Liz Stringer
Friday 15th April 2016

Weeping Willows and Bill Chambers Album Launch
with special guests
Sunday 17th April 2016

“Mum’s the Word” Mother’s Day Show
with Suzannah Espie, Julie O’hara, Peter Baylor, Tracey & Loretta Miller, Sam Lemann
Sunday 8th May 2016

Baby et Lulu
Sunday 29th May 2016

Chris Wilson
with the Mojo Corner
Friday 3rd June 2016

Don Walker
with Liz Stringer
Saturday 4th June 2016

The Very Round Robin
with Áine Tyrrell, Gallie, Rosie
and special guest Nick Martin
Saturday 18th June 2016

The Big Southern Cajun Dance Party
with Andy Baylor & his Cajun Combo with special guests Ross Wilson, The Dusty Millers (Lisa, Tracey & Loretta Miller), The Baylor Brothers (Donal, Peter & Andy) & Sam Lemann (guitar), Andy Scott (double bass), Sharkey Ramos (drums) & Chris Pascoe (accordian)
Saturday 10th September 2016

Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2016
with JVG, Ian Bland, Billy Miller, Fiona Lee Maynard, Simon Madden, Dave Evans, Andre Warhurst, Jack Howard, Dale Lindrea, Cal McApline
Friday 30th September 2016

Singalong with Rebecca Barnard and Billy Miller
with special guest Casey Bennetto
Wednesday 2nd November 2016

All Our Exes Live in Texas
with Mojo Juju
Thursday 3rd November 2016

Henry Wagons
with Lachlan Bryan
Friday 11th November 2016

The Wilson Pickers “You Can’t Catch a Fish From a Train” Album Launch
with Miss Eileen & King Lear
Saturday 3rd December 2016

with the Dusty Millers
Sunday 18th December 2016

Brian’s Big Christmas BBQ
with Tracy McNeil & The Good Life, Raised by Eagles (Duo) and Wisey’s Dream Set feat an all star ensemble – Shane O’Mara, Nick Barker, Rebecca Barnard, Charles Jenkins, Cat Leahy and Rick Plant
Sunday 11th December 2016



Whitetop Mountaineers Caravan
with Bill Jackson & Pete Fidler
Saturday 21st January 2017

Hat Fitz and Cara “After the Rain” Album Launch
with Written in Stone and If You See Her Say Hello
Wednesday 25th January 2017

Holler Roots Music Festival 2017
with Fiona Boynes and the Fortune Tellers, The Lachy Doley Group, Jeff Lang, Amnesia Blues Band, Dan Dinnen & Miss Whiskey, Sweet Felicia & the Honeytones, Hat Fitz & Cara, Suzannah Espie and the Last Word
17th – 19th February 2017

Live at Warrawee – Soul Explosion
Description: with Vika and Linda Bull, The Bamboos, The Meltdown, Hyjinx, Cook Island Dance Group, Warrawee Soul Choir led by Tracey Miller and featuring Loretta Miller, Oakleigh Brass, Peter Vadieveloo drummers, MC Brian Nankervis
Warrawee Park, Saturday 18th March 2017

Travelling Companions
Weeping Willows & Lachlan Bryan
with Freya Josephine Hollick
Saturday 6th May 2016

In Oakleigh Tonight
with Angie Hart and Paulie Stewart
Thursday 1st June 2017

Caravan Music Club 10th Birthday Celebration
with Gallie, the Dusty Millers, Billy Miller, Rebecca Barnard, Ian Bland, Suzannah Espie, Rob Snarski, Luke Sinclair, Liz Stringer, Chris Wilson
Sunday 12th November 2017



Mindi’s 60th Birthday
with the Large Number 12s
Sunday 8th July 2018

Eugene Hamilton and the Money
Sunday 14th July 2018

Billy Miller 50 Years in the Biz
with special guests
Sunday 29th Jult 2018

Rob Snarski and Shane O’Mara
Saturday 25th August 2018

Rhythms Magazine Launch
with Amarilo, Raised by Eagles Duo, Kelly Day, Jeff Lang, Alison Ferrier, Shane O’Mara
Sunday 2nd September 2018

Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes with the Weeping Willows
Sunday 2nd September 2018

Ian Bland and Greg Hunt
Thursday 6th September 2018

In Oakleigh Tonight – Grand Final Edition
Featuring Jon Von Goes, Billy Miller, Simon Madden, Ian Bland, Fiona Lee Maynard, Jack Howard Backed By Hokey Pokey Oakleigh Karaoke Band Featuring Dave Evans, Nathan Farrelly, & Matt Earl
Thursday 27th September 2018

Baby et Lulu
Saturday 6th October 2018

Van Walker Trio
Wednesday 17th October 2018

Gallie “This side of the river” single launch & farewell
Sunday 4th November 2018

In Oakleigh Tonight
with Freya Josephine Hollick and Tim Rogers
Thursday 29th November 2018

In Oakleigh Tonight Christmas Show 2018
with Alyce Platt and Sean Kelly
Thursday 20th December 2018



Freya Josephine Hollick
Winnebago Lounge, Thursday 3rd January 2019

Don Walker and the Suave Fucks at the Caravan Music Club 16/02/19
with Lucie Thorne
Saturday 16th February 2019

Neil Murray “Blood & Longing” Album Launch
with Sarah Carroll
Saturday 30th March 2019

Rob Snarski “Sparrow & Swan” Album Launch
with BROADS and special guests
Friday 5th April 2019

Icecream Hands “Sweeter than Radio” 20th Anniversary
with the Smallgoods duo
Saturday 18th May 2019

Mike Rudd 50th Anniversary
with Chris Stockley Band, Madder Lake
Sunday 26th May 2019

Chad Morgan
with the Muirs
Sunday 6th October 2019

The Girl From Chickasaw County – An Ode To Bobbie Gentry
featuring Rebecca Barnard, Lisa Miller, Sarah Carroll, Helen Ryder, Rob Snarski & Lachlan Bryan, with THE OKOLONA FOUR – Matt Walker, Bruce Haymes, Stephen Hadley & Roger Bergodaz
Saturday 9th November 2019



Songs from 1000 Sundays – 20 years of Warner Corner
with Dan Warner and friends
Sunday 9th February 2020

Vale RRR BBQ Day (2002 – 2019)

I already knew it was not going to be on this year, given everything else that has happened I don’t blame them. Plus I almost KO’ed myself in that heat. February is too hot to have an even like this outside.

Was some random ringing up Biggsy on 7th Feburary 2020 who confirmed that it was not going ahead and last year’s was the last one ever. I cannot find any official announcement at all and the station manager did not answer my inquiry.

It is a lot of work to organise each year including Ian Bland re-writing all the song lyrics, the band having to practice and each of the people singing having to do their songs. Dan’s gig will be the substitute for it any way and at least the band will be compensated for their work monetarily for once.

Was some word of another event replacing it, good luck to it and I hope it goes well.

RRR Rooftop (2002 – 2003)

National BBQ Day
The Rooftop Cafe, Sunday 24th November 2002

RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2003
the Rooftop Cafe, Sunday 7th December 2003

CERES Environment Park (2004 – 2019)

RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2004
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, December 5th 2004


RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2005
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 4th December, 2005

RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2006
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 3rd December, 2006
with special guests Ian Bland, Gary Adams, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra: Big Kev, Dan, Ed Bates, Dan Warner, Marcel Borrack, Sarah Carroll, Fred Negro, Wagons, Tides of Welcome Community Choir, Barb Waters, Wes & Horse, Suzannah Espie, Dr Pump, Merri Creek Primary School dancers

Melbourne BBQ Day 2007
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 2rd December, 2007
with special guests Ian Bland, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Sime Nugent, Tracee Hutchison, Bob Starkey, Sarah Carroll, Wes & Horse Harrington, Barb Waters, Angry (Wally) Meanie, DC Root, Fred Negro, Wolfgramm Sisters, Marcel Borrack, Chuck Steak Jenkins, Big Kev, Dan, Matt Earle, Ed Bates


RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2008
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 7th December, 2008
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Harrington Brothers, Ian Bland, Barb Waters, Bob Starkie, Charles Jenkins, Dave Larkin, Dr Pump, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Adam Simmonds, Wagons, Fred Negro, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Wolfgramm Sisters

RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2009
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 6th December 2009
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Sarah Carroll, Marcel Borrack, JVG, Barb Waters, Ian Bland, Dave Larkin, The Eggs, Van Walker, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Stewart Farrell, The Harrington Brothers, Chris O’Connor, Wolfgramm Sisters, Dr Pump

RRR Melbourne BBQ Day 2010
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 5th December 2010
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Barb Waters, Quincy McLean, Oliver Mann, Oliver Mann, Fred Negro, Jesse Lawrence, Chris Wilson, Lynelle Moran, Sean Dooley, Wolfgramm Sisters, Jane Clifton, Mark Ferrie, Charles Jenkins, Sime Nugent, Sarah Carroll, Dr Pump

RRR BBQ Day 2011
with JVG, the Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Paul Thomas, Nathan Farrelly, Matt Earl, Dave Evans, Ed Bates, Adam Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter), Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Kerri Simpson, Paulie Stewart & FLYBZ, Ben Birchall, Ian Bland, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Stewart Farrell, Pete Ewing, Tracy McNeil & Luke Sinclair, Cash Savage, Mikelangelo, Go Go Sapien, Dr Pump
Ceres Environmental Park, Sunday 4th December 2011

RRR BBQ Day 2012
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Bruce Haymes), Pete Ewing, Horse and Wes Harrington, Steve Pinkerton, The Rebelles, Fraser A Gorman, Jess McGuire, Ben Birchall, Sarah Carroll, Mikelangelo, Cash Savage, Kerri Simpson, Casey Bennetto, Suzannah Espie, Gleny Rae Virus, Dr Pump, Tim Rogers, Stew Farrell
Ceres Environmental Park, Sunday 2nd December 2012

RRR BBQ Day 2013
Description: with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Alex), Angie Hart, Van and Cal Walker, Ben Birchall, Adam Simmons, Pete Ewing, The Nymphs, William Ewing, Suzannah Espie, Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson, Cash Savage, Casey Bennetto, The Rebelles, Dr Pump
Ceres Environmental Park, Sunday 1st December 2013

RRR BBQ Day 2014
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Dave Evans, Stephen Temple, Jane Hendry), The Burnt Sausages, Kerrie Simpson, Sarah Carroll, Danny Walsh, Kit & Andre Warhurst, Horse and Wes Harrington, Peter and William Ewing, Cash Savage, Billy Miller, Paulie Stewart, Casey Bennetto, Dr Pump
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 7th December 2014

RRR BBQ Day 2015
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Dan Hall), Ian Bland, Josh Earl, Suzannah Espie, Danny Walsh, Kate Boston Smith, Pete Ewing, Andy Reid, Angie Hart, Cash Savage, Dr Pump, Sarah Carroll, Eugene Hamilton, Slats
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 6th December 2015

RRR BBQ Day 2016
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Marcel Borrack, Dan Hall, Ed Bates), Pete Ewing, Laura Imbruglia, Tim Rogers, Delsinki Records & Brooke, Kerri Simpson, Lucy Dwyer, Jemma Rowlands, Dr Pump, Fiona Lee Maynard, Angie Hart, Simon Edwards, Slatts, Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 4th December 2016

RRR BBQ Day 2017/2018 (2017 rescheduled due to storm warning)
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Ian Bland, Amerina Waters, Sarah Carroll, Pete, Hollie Joyce, Luke Sinclair, Dan Hall, Casey Bennetto, George Wilson, Lucy Dwyer, Dr Pump
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 25th February 2018

RRR BBQ Day 2019
with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Marcel Borrack, Dan Hall), Ian Bland, Cleo and Georgie, Eugene Hamilton, Sarah Carroll, George Wilson, Al Parkinson, Amarina Waters, Slatts, Fergus McAlpine, Lucy Dwyer, Danny Walsh, Kerri Simpson, Henry Wagons, Hollie Joyce, Pumpy
Ceres Environment Park, Sunday 24th February 2019

Wagons: 2004 to 2019


UpRRRooted at the Palace, St Kilda
Benefit for RRR FM’s “Move Your R’s” campaign
14th June 2004



Marquis of Lorne
Sunday, 1st May 2005

Queenscliff Music Festival 2005
25th – 27th November 2005

Wagons – Henry later said at this appearance they were the “piss boys” in between bands on the main stage, he made a small child cry during one show

Melbourne BBQ Day 2005
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 4th December, 2005


Live at Night
Royal Melbourne Show
Tuesday, September 26 2006
with Wagons, Sarah Carroll and Rebecca Barnard

Melbourne BBQ Day 2006
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 3rd December, 2006
with special guests Ian Bland, Gary Adams, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra: Big Kev, Dan, Ed Bates, Dan Warner, Marcel Borrack,
Sarah Carroll, Fred Negro, Wagons, Tides of Welcome Community Choir, Barb Waters, Wes & Horse, Suzannah Espie, Dr Pump, Merri Creek Primary School dancers


Elvis 30th Anniversary
with Jane Dust, Tupeloettes, Little Sadie, Aintree Sweet, Kentucky Backroads, Tanya Lee’s R&Bs, Collard Greens & Gravy, Sarah Carroll & the Blue Moon Boys, Chautauqua, Henry Wagons, Four Men from Memphis (unseen), The Exotics (unseen)
Corner Hotel, Thursday 16th August 2007


Melbourne BBQ Day 2008
Ceres Environmental Park
Sunday, 7th December, 2008
with special guests Melbourne BBQ Orchestra, Dan Warner, Harrington Brothers, Ian Bland, Barb Waters, Bob Starkie, Charles Jenkins, Dave Larkin, Dr Pump, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Adam Simmonds, Wagons, Fred Negro, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Wolfgramm Sisters



Wagons CD Preview
with M.C. Fee B-Squared, Princess One Point Five, QUA (DJ SET)
East Brunswick Club, Thursday 9th April 2009

Wagons Goodtown CD Launch
with Felicity Groom, Whiskey Go Gos
Corner Hotel, Sunday 7th June 2009

JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon Spectacular 2009
RRR Performance Space
with The Futuras, The Mercurials, Dr Pump, Big Kev, Pina Colada, Dale Lindrea, Liz Stringer, GO GO SAPIEN, Henry Wagons, Si Philanthropist, Large No. 12s, Charles Jenkins, Dan Warner & his big band
Sunday 23rd August 2009


Long Gone Whistle CD Launch – A Tribute to Maurice Frawley
MC Brian Nankervis, Large Number 12s, The Frawleys, Billy Pommer Jnr, Clare Bowditch, Henry Wagons, Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Dan Brodie, Dan Kelly, Tom Carolyn, Megan Washington, Tim Rogers, Billy Miller, Renee Geyer, Spencer P. Jones, Adalita, Tex Perkins, The Panics, Working Class Ringos
The Espy, Thursday 19th August 2010

Clare Bowditch and Henry Wagons


International Independant Record Store Day 2011
Basement Discs, Saturday 16th April 2011
with Charles Jenkins, Wolfgramm Sisters, The Spoils (Duo), Sarah Carroll, Chris Wilson, Sean MacMahon’s Western Union, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Little John, Abbie Cardwell and Her Leading Men, Jeff Lang, MCs Rebecca Barnard, Rusty Berther, Dave Graney, Henry Wagons

Basement Discs, Friday 6th May 2011

Wagons Rumble, Shake and Tumble CD Launch
Forum Theatre, Saturday 16th July 2011
with MC Peter Escott, Teeth & Tongue, Puta Madre Brothers and special guests the DC3

Queenscliff Music Festival 2011
November 25th – 27th 2011
Leah Flanagan, The Widowbirds, President Roots, Puta Madre Brothers, Pseudo Echo, The Herd, The Delta Riggs, Pete Denahy, The Sweethearts, Tides of Welcome choir with Dave Steel, Dead River Deeps, Wagons, The Cruel Sea, Brothers Grimm, Laine Lane, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Woody Pitney, The Plains, BOOM! BAP! POW!, Kimbra, WHATEM 2 CD Launch with Sarah Carroll, Chris Wilson, Hausfrau, Sophia Katos, Lash78, Dadhouse, Frente, Gypsy & the Cat, Bondi Cigars


with Dan Waters, The Nymphs
Caravan Music Club, Friday 9th March 2012

Raise the Roof – Pure Pop Records Benefit
with MC Ryan Coffey, Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk, Hamish Cowan, The Twoks, Henry Wagons, Archer, Alex Lashlie, Roesy, Paul Kelly, Pony Face, Davey Lane, Underground Lovers, Charles Jenkins, Ron Peno and Cam Butler, Stonefield, the Dark Lords
Prince Bandroom, Friday 11th May 2012

Chris “Nothing but Nice Things” Album launch
with the Altmann Revue Band
and special guests Henry Wagons, Van Walker, Liz Stringer, Ange Boxall
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 1st December 2012

Chris “Nothing but Nice Things” Album launch
with the Altmann Revue Band
and special guests Henry Wagons, Suzannah Espie, Liz Stringer, Ange Boxall
John Curtin Bandroom, Friday 7th December 2012


Wagons Album Preview show
with Jemma and the Wise Young Ambitious Men, the Toot Toot Toots
Corner Hotel, Saturday 22nd June 2013

A Nymphtastic Christmas
with the Nymphs, Henry Wagons, Cash Savage, James Kenyon, Mikelangelo and Saint Clare, Tracy McNeil and Luke Sinclair, Sweet Jean, Major Chord
Toff in Town, Wednesday 18th December 2013


The Nymphs Farewell Show
with Lady Dee, The Rechords and special guests Cash Savage, Henry Wagons
Ding Dong Lounge, Friday 21st March 2014

Wagons “Acid Rain and Sugar Cane” Album Launch
with Fraser A Gorman, Johnny Fritz
The HiFi Bar, Saturday 7th June 2014

with Broads
Caravan Music Club, Friday 8th August 2014

Out on the Weekend 2014
with Justin Townes Earl (unseen), Henry Wagons, Nikki Lane, Lindi Ortega, Jonny Fritz, Raised by Eagles, Ryan Bingham (unseen), Robert Ellis, The Delines, Chris Altmann, Emma Swift, The Morrissons
Seaworks, Saturday 18th October 2014


JVG Radiothon Spectacular 2015
with Stu Thomas, Ian Bland, Jemma and the Clifton Hillbillies, Liam Linley and Phil Gionfriddo, SKA Vendors, Dr Pump, Henry Wagons, Kylie Auldist, Davey Lane, Pete Ewing, Dan Warner
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 23rd August 2015


Henry Wagons
with Lachlan Bryan
Caravan Music Club, Friday 11th November 2016


Wagons 20th Anniversary
with Charlie Whitten and special guests Broads
Corner Hotel, Friday 15th February 2019


Wagons “Songs from the Aftermath” Album Launch
with Gena Rose Bruce and guests
Croxton Bandroom, Friday 6th September 2019


MWF 2019: Sex Work on the Page

as part of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2019

Sun Sep 1st 2019, State Library Victoria, Isabella Fraser Room

with facilitator Jules Kim, Nadine Chemali, Fiona Patten, Nic Holas and Rita Therese

I was interested in this session as I follow a few sex workers on social media and even got asked by someone on Facebook to help look for someone as I was “familiar” with the sex industry. It should be fairly obvious by now my relationship with the industry, I have sex about once every two years if I am lucky.

I did follow one of the panel members but they blocked me and I can’t even fathom the reason, people just do a snap turn on Twitter and you can’t take it personally. Rita Therese talked about the need to curate herself so she did not turn off prospective clients and that she can’t promote causes as it will also distance some people from her.

The premise of the session was to discuss sex worker voices in print and the media. There was criticism from the audience Q&A that there weren’t enough currently working sex workers on the panel. There is a history with the MWF of them having an event around the “Invisible Women” book that included several SWERFs on the panel. Rita Therese said she had protested that event and now she is on a panel “suck it bitches!”

There was some discussion about the tragic incident in Sydney and it was a workplace death. Whenever someone is a sex worker and something happens to them that is the thing that is focussed upon by the media.

Nadine Chemali mentioned that we mainly hear from white sex workers and people of colour and those in marginalised communities are afraid to speak up as they are being persecuted. In a lot of cultures people are not open to speaking about sex. The many “massage” places around the place still have people who work at them and they are not heard from at all.

Nic Holas said he is out about his sex work and starring in hardcore porn, but not everyone at his work knows about it. He is more embarrassed from taking money from News Corp than working in porn. There was some discussion about short form writing and online outlets being more receptive to articles written by current sex workers, but if you work for a tabloid expect it to sensationalised.

Fiona Patten said she was outed as a former sex worker to her parents when someone faxed them the front page of a newspaper. She said she was the first former sex worker to serve in Victorian parliament “but many of my clients come before me”.  Fiona and Rita Therese both said they had supportive publishers in writing their books and Fiona always likes seeing new sex worker voices.

Jules Kim from the Scarlett Alliance and the member of the audience from Vixen Collective both spoke of the need to be more inclusive and did bring up the past controversies of panels about sex workers that did not have any sex workers on the panel.

There were some good recommendations of books written by sex workers but I did not take them down. I am sure the panellists will fill you in if you get in touch.

It was a good discussion with a lot of things covered. You can follow some of the panellists on social media or just a sex worker if you want a more interesting feed.









Rowdy, Tim, Fred and Tex

Commuity Cup 2002 – 2018

No camera for the first two years I attended:

Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2004
Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 27th June 2004

Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2005
Junction Oval, Sunday 26th June 2005
with The Almaboobies, Rebecca’s Empire, Weddings, Parties, Anything and Dallas Crane

Ruck’n’Roll Pie Night
with The Cheats, The Twits, The Spazzys & Cosmic Psychos
The Esplanade Hotel
Saturday, 24th June 2006

Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2006
with Grant Hansen’s Big City Rock Band, The King City Seven, Dave Graney & Clare Moore, Matt Walker & Ashley Davies, The Meanies, Man’s Ruin Cheerleader
Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 25th June 2006

Community Cup Training 2007
Arden St Oval, Wednesday 13th June 2007

RRR/PBS Megahertz 10th Anniversary
with the Bowerbirds & British India (unseen)
Spanish Club, Wednesday, 20th June 2007

Sacred Heart Mission Community Cup 2007
with he RocKwiz Orchestra (with special guests), The Double Agents, Crystal Thomas & Les Fleurs Du Mal, Killer Birds, Bob Log III, Mach Pelican
Junction Oval, St Kilda
Sunday, 24th June 2007

Photo mosaics based on photos from the Community Cup from 2004 to 2007:

Reclink Community Cup 2009
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 21st June 2009
with Jordie Lane, Dollsquad, Kram, Scared Weird Little Guys, Cosmic Psychos
special appearances by Espy Rockdogs & Megahertz Cheerleaders

Espy Rockdogs Pie Night
with Buried Horses, The Level Spirits, Money for Rope, The Spazzys, Cosmic Psychos, The Nubiles, Oz Rock Karaoke, Fuck Fucks (unseen)
The Espy, Friday 25th June 2010

Reclink Community Cup 2010
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 27th June 2010
with Blue Lead, Money for Rope, Little Freddie and the Pops, Blackeyed Susans, The Living End, Nick Barker and the Reptiles

Final Community Cup Training 2011
Elsternwick Park, Monday 20th June 2011

Reclink Community Cup 2011
with Red Rockets of Borneo, The Mercy Kills, The Rebelles, Tumbleweed, You Am I, Barry Morgan
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 26th June 2011

Reclink Sydney Community Cup 2012
with Wolfpack, The Meanies, Celibate Rifles
Henson Park, Sunday 18th March 2012

Rockdogs Training
Ross Gregory Oval, Monday 11th June 2012

Combined Community Cup Training
Elsternwick Park, Monday 18th June 2012

2012 Reclink Commmunity Cup
with Blue Ruin, Boomgates, Bunny Monroe, Drunk Mums
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 24th June 2012

Combined Community Cup Training
Elsternwick Park, Monday 17th June 2013

Reclink Community Cup 2013
with Justine Clarke and the Rebelles, Super Wild Horses, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Beasts of Bourbon
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 23rd June 2013

Reclink Community Cup 2014
with Elmo and friends, Fraser A Gorman, Smith St Band, Saskwatch, Painters and Dockers
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 22nd June 2014

Reclink Community Cup 2015
with Ally Spazzy Kiddyrock and the Cool Bananas, Pearls, Adalita, Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Graveyard Train
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 21st June 2015

Reclink Community Cup 2016
with MCs Ms Emma Peel and Johnny Von Goes, Rhys Muldoon kids’ group with KRAM, Ash Naylor, Tim Rogers, The Sugarcanes, Loose Tooth, Ross Wilson, Total Giovani, Regurigtator
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 26th June 2015

Reclink Community Cup 2017
with MCs Ms Emma Peel and Johnny Von Goes, Murray Wiggle and Wally Meanie’s Bubblegum Machine, BoxWars, Jen Cloher
Victoria Park, Sunday 25th June 2017

Reclink Community Cup 2018
with MCs Ms Emma Peel and Johnny Von Goes, Rudely Interrupted, The Cartridge Family
Victoria Park, Sunday 24th June 2018