MIFF 2014 – Don’t Throw Stones (2014)

Director: Mike Brook
Featuring: Stephen Cummings, Andrew Pendlebery, Rebecca Barnard, Joe Camelleri, Shane O’Mara, Michael Gudinski
Tagline: “I’M A MOTH!”

I was only young when the Sports had their big hit and toured the USA, but I am aware of Stephen Cummings solo work and have seen him play a few times. I always seem to have something on when he plays out at Oakleigh.

The reason I most wanted to see this doco was Rebecca Barnard saying “that’s bullshit!” in the promo and she also spoke up at the Q&A after the film when Stephen had left to say that recording the album up in Sydney with Steve Kilbey was a “boys club” and that he was the one being hostile.

The main thread of the documentary was getting people to read out parts of Stephen’s memoir “Will it be funny tomorrow Billy?” and getting their reactions to it. Unfortunately they could not get Nick Cave to participate as he had his own doco coming out.

I thought they would have asked Ed Bates to appear, but he was only talked about. JVG said afterwards that it was “as it should be”. Come on! He could have had something interesting to say.

Michael Gudinski was a good sport to take part as he had a scuffle with Stephen at Niagra Falls that nearly led to one or both of them going over the side. I am sure he has been at gigs I have been to but I never see him.

In the Q&A afterwards Stephen Cummings was very entertaining and said he could not stay long as he had to get the train home. I should have asked why they did not include any of Stephen’s spoken word stuff (I like the “I’m a moth!” story). There was a longer cut of the film, but it was decided to make it shorter as it was not as interesting talking about inspirations of songs in detail. I did not know there was meant to be a Sports reunion in late 2013. It did not get up unfortunately.

At present due to music rights issues there are not going to be any more screenings, but hopefully if there is more interest in the documentary it can be finished and released with bonus features including extended interviews.

1 thought on “MIFF 2014 – Don’t Throw Stones (2014)

  1. Hey Tim, thanks for the review.
    Glad you liked the film. Rebecca was classic on the night, she’s brilliant!
    Still waiting on news of music rights etc, stay tuned.
    And I did speak with Ed Bates but he chose not to be involved.
    Had a nice long chat with him though.
    Lovely fella
    Mike Brook
    Director, Don’t Throw Stones

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