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Lisa-Skye – Art, Sex & Snacks: The Talk Show

with Jan Di Pietro, Elle Diablo, Laura Davis
Melbourne Fringe 2014
Tuxedo Cat – The Wild Pony, Friday 19th September 2014

Having enjoyed her yearly recap of lesser-known celebrities who have died on the Cracked website I ended up following Lisa-Skye on Twitter and decided to go to her show as I am a bit out of the loop with newer comedians and have been going to see live music more than comedy for quite a while now.

The funny thing about social media is that it can seem like you know people more than you really do due to passing messages backwards and forwards all the time. I was able to sit in the front row without Lisa knowing who I was and probably as I have a chimp as my profile picture.

I do remember seeing posters for her previous shows up in the tools manufacturing business on Johnston St near the Tote, but I had never been to see any of her shows before. The closest I had seen to live was a promo spot on Media Strikes Back on Channel 31.

Due to the chat show format and different guests every night I guess the content would change from night to night. Also the show was having an audio recording made for a podcast.

Sparking up things for the night was the threat of a glitter on anyone who said something that was offensive to the host. A lot of glitter ended up being tossed around any way as did a box of d’Lite snacks for the audience to try and so they would get the joke of Lisa’s “bachelor chow”.

There were some interesting shows talked about by the guests that are happening during Fringe and some funny stories including Laura Davis and the person seeing her on the tram.

The “snack off” was interesting with each of the guests saying what their ultimate comfort food was and Lisa winning as it involved fried donuts and ice cream for breakfast and she had to buy the donuts the night before.

The hour seemed to go by quite quickly and if you already follow Lisa on Twitter or social media I would recommend it (some of the jokes are easier to get if you do.) Sound spill from another show close by was the only issue I had, hopefully it is cleared up for future shows.

Book here:

Jan Di Pietro – Kwality Chai

Elle Diablo – Who Killed MamaShak?

Laura Davis – The Pillow of Strength