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MIFF 2014 – Sound Proof (2013)

Director: Darren Cole
Featuring: The Palace, Pure Pop Records, Cherry Bar, many musicians

The story is well known to anyone who has been going to gigs in Melbourne during the past few years. The “Agent of Change” ruling has recently been passed but has not come into affect yet and two of the venues featured in the documentary have either closed or just about to close.

Cherry Bar ended up asking for help to complete their sound proofing and reached the target in 24 hours. I do not go there very often, but it is popular with the people who do attend.

It was good to see people I know on screen including bands from just down the road who would not normally get to be up on the big screen otherwise.

I was wondering if anyone would cover the Pure Pop Records story in a documentary, this is one good thing about it at least that it is on film.