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Action, HK Style – Aces Go Places (1982)

Director: Eric Tsang
Starring: Samuel Hui Koon-Kit, Karl Maka, Sylvia Chang Ai-Chia, Dean Shek Tin, Chan Sing, Tsui Hark

A daring high-wire diamond heist by master thief King Kong (Sam Hui) and his sidekick Gigolo Joe (Dean Shek) gets the attention of the authorities as neither of the parties that were robbed reported it to the police. The Governor of Hong Kong and top government officials decide to get Sargeant Kodojack (Karl Maka) in to catch King Kong as he is on the case of the international thief White Glove (Robert Houston).

Tough Superintendent Nancy Ho (Sylvia Chang) likes all her police to treat her as one of the guys and ends up arresting Kodojack after he unwittingly becomes the getaway driver for a separate robbery, leading to much amusement.

Not so good for King Kong is when Mad Max (Chan Sing) turns up vengeance on his mind and Gigolo Joe ends up being killed before he can tell him where the diamonds are hidden. Kodojack decides to trap King Kong into helping the police and even the White Glove helps behind the scenes as he also wants the diamonds for himself. Lots of wacky tomfoolery ensues including the strange scene of RC cars taking on full grown cars and winning with the help of explosives.

This reminds me very much of a live action cartoon similar to the Lupin series and this movie was the first in a series of six. It is very fun and pacey and full of interesting characters including a cameo by Tsui Hark as a ballet director. The scenes with the gang boss Mad Max are strange as he appears in riding gear and has his own synthesiser sting.

The bad hair and fashions are just a joy to watch as this movie couldn’t be more 80s if it tried. Special mention must go to Mad Max’s leather cat suit and also Kodojack ending up on stage dressed like Ming the Merciless in one scene.

Even with the killings and violence it does not seem to change tone and is more of a romp and James Bond spoof than a serious action movie. I liked that it had its own version of the hang gliding scene from the Man From Hong Kong although this one is part of a longer scene.

The characters are drawn very broadly as you would expect with this type of movie with the Lady Superintendent either being really tough or very girly after Kodojack at first pretends to like her to get her onside.

I understand this movie was released as Mad Mission in western markets. If you can, try to get the Hong Kong release as it is uncut.

Well worth your time if you are looking for something light and breezy, I am going to try and see the rest of the series.