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MIFF 2015 – Daises (1966)

Director: Vera Chytilová
Starring: Jitka Cerhová, Ivana Karbanová, Marie Češková, Jiřina Myšková, Marcela Březinová, Julius Albert


I had been wanting to see this for ages but had been holding out until I could either see it on DVD or on the big screen. I am happy it turned out to be as good as I was expecting.

Two friends decide to be bad and live their lives as “parasites on society” by getting men to buy them dinner and then putting the men on the next train out of town. It happens over and over.

Between these scenes they go back to their apartment and do strangely artistic stuff like eating pictures of food, cutting the film with scissors so they end up in bits and setting small fires in the apartment to burn paper streamers.

The film is dedicated to people “whose main source of pain is the depiction of a messed up trifle” as it was banned for “depicting the wanton” on release due to the food fight scene.

It was interesting to see this with an audience but if anything the one I saw it with was a bit too accommodating, they laughed at every single scene.

I still enjoyed it though and was glad to have finally seen it. There is a Czech and Slovak film festival in my city that I may try to get along to in the future also.