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MIFF 2015 – Head (1968)

Director: Bob Rafelson
Starring: Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith, Victor Mature, Frank Zappa, Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, plus many more

Hey, hey, we are The Monkees
You know we love to please
A manufactured image
With no philosophies.

There is not really a plot for this movie so it really defies a conventional review. As a cultural artefact it is an interesting example of what happens when someone tries to tap into a popular movement and fails.

Unfortunately for the Monkees it meant the end of them as a group due to problems with the production and the movie being rejected by their core audience and the older audience they were trying to attract. The film bombing so hard meant it was not seen that widely and cost the studio a lot of money.

There are quite a few examples of this sort of movie, even the Beatles had a go at one point. Some of the more obscure movies have only recently been released on the “manufacture on demand” catalogues from studios such as the Warner Archive.
The songs were really good in this and it was a pity the album that was released at the same time as the movie did not do too well either.

Even before I watched the movie people were telling me their favourite scenes, so it has a big impact on the people who get to see it.

While I don’t know if I like the same things other people like about it, I do like certain things and not others such as the execution of the Viet Cong prisoner being used as a punchline several times. It was obnoxious to even consider. It does feel like a lot of things were either included in the movie by someone deliberately trying to sabotage it or trying to see what they could get away with.

Some films to watch if you liked this movie (courtesy of the Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema Facebook group and my own research)
The Phynx
I Love You, Alice B. Tolkas
The Groove Tube
The Pink Angels
Everything You Know Is Wrong
Kentucky Fried Movie
Amazon Women on the Moon
The Holy Mountain
The Magic Christian
Hollywood Boulevard

Oldies.com DVDs #1

I finally got around to watching Legend of the Superheroes after buying a few of the Warner Archive Collection/MGM Classics/Sony Screen Classics DVDs last year. I know some of them are now available only, but I cannot watch them there due to region restrictions. Also I noticed a lot of these DVDs have “not for sale or rent outside of the US” on them. Has not stopped some local DVD stores selling them at double the price though.

Urgh! A Music War

Has a large line up of bands playing from a concert recorded in 1980. Fans of the bands should know that while the popular bands of the time do play, they don’t actually play their most popular song. I did like the large amount of bands involved and some of the more interesting bands like the Surf Punks

They reminded me of Melbourne band the Twits are fair bit for some reason.

Legends of the Superheroes

I had heard a lot about this from various sites pouring scorn on it in the past few years. As a fan of the Superfriends cartoon series I was interested in it and not just to make fun of it. I turned out to be a lot better than I thought from the short clips I have seen. Having Adam West, Burt Ward, Frank Gorshin, Ruth Buzzi and a lot of other talented actors and comedians in it helped a lot. Even though the show was never picked up from the two pilot episodes, it does look like the people involved were having a good time and laughing for real at some of the jokes during the filming.

I found this great site with someone who went to the trouble of tracking down the original actors from the show and interviewing them

The Bed Sitting Room

Another one I had been meaning to see for quite a while after reading about it in Spike Milligan’s autobiography. It was originally a play and Spike also moved his parents out to Australia as he was so afraid of nuclear war. I was quite pleased with this one due to the cast and that it was very weird with no explanation as to why the strange things were happening other than “radiation”, it is also a lot more up in tone than most post-nuclear war movies.

Sid and Marty Krofft’s Greatest Saturday Morning Hits

After posting the following trailer to my friend’s wall, I got the message back “You are the ruler Tim! This is boss!”

I had to buy the show then, I did try and find the complete set via a VHS to DVD rip, but the seller turned out to be dodgy – what a surprise! so I settled for this one. There were other boxed sets, but they were either out of print or too expensive.

The rest of the episodes from each of the shows were interesting and even the widely derided “Bigfoot & Wild Boy” was not as bad as people make out. I would recommend this DVD for people who want a taster of some of the shows before they go looking for them online. I learned the lesson with the Banana Splits DVD boxed set as even the creators of the show got sick of it after a while, they had a buggy race that went for six episodes, should have gotten compilation DVD of the Danger Island episodes.


I had not heard of this one before I saw it on the Warner Archive Collection list on the oldies.com website, looked interesting at least. I ended up being a bit disappointed in it as it does have a good cast including George Carlin doing the narration, but they never seem to make enough of it including the jokes that fall a bit flat.

Luckily it still has an Beach Boys song they wrote for the movie.

And not forgetting Meatloaf vs. a car

Legend of Billie Jean

Q&A from the Cinefamily screening

I forgot where I first heard of this, but was intrigued by the trailer and the news it was having a rare public screening as it hadn’t really been seen since it was released in the 1980s. Also there were rights issues regarding the soundtrack that needed to be resolved.

This is the best DVD of the bunch as far as I am concerned. Sure it may be a bit over the top at times, it is very earnest and the soundtrack suits it perfectly. Also for fans of the Simpsons it is the chance to see an early role outside of Herman’s Head for the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith.

Pat Benetar – Invincible/Legend of Billie Jean music video

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Urgh! A Music War

Legends of the Superheroes

The Bed Sitting Room

Sid and Marty Krofft’s Greatest Saturday Morning Hits


Legend of Billie Jean