Monster Fest 2018 – Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema (2018)

Director: Calum Waddell

Featuring: Daniel Yee Heng Chan, Godfrey Ho, Josie Ho, Mike Hostench, Bey Logan, Sean Tierney, Calum Waddell, Anthony Wong, Gan Kwok-Leung

I can’t really say I am a big fan of Category III movies, the one time I saw one was at the dodgy VCD theatre of Chinatown Cinema and it was There’s a Secret in My Soup. Was the one time I saw one of the security guards in the centre site down and watch part of the movie (the sausage on the power drill scene.) I am sensitive to movies with violence against women as there is enough of it in real life and I don’t like seeing it at all so I decided to pass on most of these movies.

These days I know a lot more people who watch Hong Kong movies and enjoy these type of movies so I thought I would check out this documentary to find out more about them.

The documentary is structured with various interviews from people with short clips from each movie in between. I would have liked to see longer clips and have them full screen but some of these movies are hard to find and only on VCD now so quality would be an issue.

There were an interesting range of people being interviewed. I hadn’t heard of some of them before, but they had some interesting opinions.

Anthony Wong was the best, there was a mention of him at an awards ceremony. I asked on a movie forum and someone posted the following.

13th Hong Kong Film Awards – Anthony Wong wins best actor

The 14th Hong Kong Film Awards Winners

Anthony is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for things

Compared to documentaries such as Mark Hartley’s Not Quite Hollywood or the Canon Films doco it seems a bit more standard. I still have had people ask me when it is coming out on DVD.

There were quite a few stories behind the production of the documentary but I won’t go into them here. The same is true with every documentary though.

As an introduction to the Category III section of the Hong Kong film industry this movie does its job well and all the movies featured are listed at the end so you can look them up after.

If you know a bit more about the films then by all means still watch it, just don’t expect to learn more than you already know.

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