Moira Finucane’s Dance Hall

featuring Moira Finucane, Maude Davey, Mama Alto, Clare St Clare, Paul Cordeiro, James Welsby, Berlin Willow Sizer

The Famous Spiegeltent, Luna Park

Thursday, 11th October 2018

I hadn’t been to one of Moira Finucane’s shows since Glory Box a couple of years back and I had been following this one via social media as it toured but did not think I would be able to see it.

Seeing the show pop up at the Speigeltent I said hello to Clare and she asked if I was coming to see it so I couldn’t say no as I had not seen her in so long.

I ended up getting the peanut gallery/artist tickets but was upgraded to a table when I arrived for the show.

The layout of the show is quite a bit different than the last one I saw with dance numbers, songs and some storytelling by Moira Finucane in some sections.

Moira acted as MC and had her own performances during the show.

Paul Cordeiro and James Welsby did some excellent dance numbers including the splits multiple times. My favourite dance of Paul’s was the Bollywood number and James was great doing the Vouging.

I did like having the other cast members holding torches to illuminate whoever was performing,

Maude Davey was quite versatile and even ended up doing a comedy routine dressed as the world.

It was great to see Mama Alto again and her singing was the best as always.

Clare St Clare was my favourite in the show and I got to talk to her after we got off the carousel.

Berlin Willow Sizer was from Mirbo North supposedly and did some great numbers.

After the show finished all the audience got to go on the carousel and have Maude Davey sing while we rode it. For some reason I thought this was only going to be for the deluxe ticket holders. There was a ride on the ghost train next but I did not have the premium ticket.

Special mention must go to the stage monkey who had to climb up a ladder to throw rose petals down and clean things up between acts.

All the acts were very good and I enjoyed having the performers rove around during the performances and sometimes have the acts come in from a direction you did not expect.

A great show and hopefully they all go on to do more shows and a repeat season after they finish.

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