Cook up a Storm (2017)

Director: Wip Wai Man

Writer: Liu Yi

Starring: Nicholas Tse, Jung Yong Hwa, Tiffany Tang, Michelle Bai Ge You, Michelle Wai

Accidental comedy masterpiece

My first thoughts were “sacrilege!” borrowing so heavily from God of Cookery and Chicken and Duck Talk but I forgot those movies were also Chinese New Year hits. Maybe I have been burnt out by too many Wong Jing and lame movies but weirdly all the jokes not working made this movie one of the funniest I have seen for quite a while.

It is strange. I am not sure they did it on purpose or it just worked out that way like it does sometimes. It is funny but not for the reasons they were expecting. Just as Good of Cookery predicted many of the food trends around now in the 90s this movie takes all the clichés and supercharges them to turbo levels of stupid.

Also every scene that is trying to be serious is funnier than the actual jokes. Maybe it is due to being friends with a lot of people who work in hospitality and chefs but a lot of the story beats rang true such as them partying hard (throwing bottles of hard liquor at a poster of his dad), not putting up with bullshit, buggering off for a while when they were sick of it, head butting someone, having your partner shack up with your best friend et cetera.

There are characters but that is hardly that important since it is the story that you end up following. Anthony Wong puts on a sterling performance as himself wearing a beanie and leather jacket and crying while eating a bowl of noodles in one scene. His performance is so great it dwarfs the others around it.

As a Chinese New Year movie it is a success but it may be a bit too weird for some people. If you are a fan of Chinese cooking or cooking shows I would recommend it as you would get a lot more out of the jokes.

I still thought Anthony Wong as God of Cookery was bullshit but he did look cool on that giant banner. I would buy one of those if it was available.

I did end up yelling out one of the God of Cookery lines during one scene and “bullshit!” several times. I could not restrain myself due to some things being so stupid.

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