Violence in the Cinema, Part 1 (1971)

Director: George Miller

A doctor gives a boring lecture on violence in the cinema only to be interrupted by an intruder who blows half his head away with a shotgun. Somehow he manages not to die and continues the lecture and casually hangs someone, cuts the breast off a woman, pokes a red hot poker into someone’s eye and cuts open guts. Some thugs then throw him out the window and he gets run over and set on fire.

Exactly the sort of smart arse type of thing you would expect a young film maker to make and it supposedly won a lot of awards in the international festival circuit.

Considering his next two films were the first two Mad Max films you can see in which direction he is going and even if the violence is present on screen there is a comedy element to it depending on the context.

I saw this film at the ACMI Australian Mediatheque with the booths you can sit in and watch titles on demand. If they don’t have it available you can search the collection and request a private screening.

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