Melbourne Fringe 2013 – The DC3: Modern Unconsciousness

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013
The Ballroom at the Lithuanian Club, Tuesday 1st October 2013

The start of this show was more like a normal gig in that I did get to hang out with the band in the bar. It’s a great bar and I would recommend arriving early as they have social club prices for drinks and you can drink “Strawberry Kisses” cider in a 500ml can.

I had missed the DC3’s album launch despite having put money into the Pozible campaign and also the comedy festival show as I did not have any money, so I was determined to make it to this show as it was there last appearance until next year.

Unfortunately the show was delayed due to technical issues with the projector not working, I could still read most of the captions from the laptop screen though and also saw some of the “Glitz and Glam” mock-ups from a fake MX spread including Hitler amongst others.

The narrator of the show is God who explains how he was evil all along and Satan was just his PR guy with the narrative of the show following the quest for modern unconsciousness including “songs that won’t be on the DC3’s new album” in probably the only time they will get a run.

As expected there were some rants aimed at other Fringe shows and a wish they sold as many tickets as Randy the puppet.

There was the usual needless set decoration with large pieces of scenery being moved around and bananas on a pedestal. The pieces of set looked pretty heavy to move, lucky Henri and Doug are strong.

If you are a fan of the band then you do not need encouragement to see the show, I would also recommend it you would like to see something different than the usual comedy routines that get a trial run at fringe or are not cool enough for the cutting edge shows.

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