Melbourne Fringe 2013 – Keira Daley : LadyNerd

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013
Tuxedo Cat, Thursday 3rd October 2013

I have to admit I booked this show after seeing the line “Piano bar meets Sega Megadrive” and even shared a link with Jaz Rignall who used to write for the Mean Machines magazine in the UK in the 90s.

It is a complete coincidence that three quarters of the shows at this year’s Melbourne Fringe I am going to see are by female musicians. I have been to see the Lady Sings It Better and am looking forward to seeing the Pacific Belles on Sunday.

The main premise of the show is telling the story of “Lady Nerds” throughout history in song and humorous anecdote, with a stop by on disco pinball on the way, if you grew up watching Sesame Street you will know what I am talking about.

All the stories are great, but I enjoyed the Marie Curie one the best as I once did a project on Polish stamp in primary school that had Ms Curie featured on it and won a prize.

There is an impressive amount of music in this show, all original songs although some of the tunes have been adapted and the keyboardist keeps up very well. There was one song on the projection screen just to give them both a break.

I really liked the show and tried hard to get all the jokes and clap hard after every song. The show only has a very short run so you better scoot off to see it if you want to catch it at all.

Keira Daley’s next show is called “Keira Daley vs. the 90s” and as a special treat she sang the Daria theme song at the end of the show as it features in her new show with a full band.

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