MIFF 2013 – WTF! Shorts

Pandas (2013)

Director: Matúš Vizár

The entire evolutionary cycle of the panda from vicious killer to bamboo eating lazy bones is shown before the credits and then it just gets weirder. The panda’s brain gets sick of its lot and tries to kill itself, only to find the conservationists reviving it and lending it out to another zoo for lots of money.

I enjoyed this film as it was funny and educational and demonstrates the quote from Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

The zoo scene is very funny with the other animals acting like prison toughs and when the pandas escape it is even funnier due to HOT PANDA ACTION.

Hopefully this short gets to be seen by a wider audience as it is very interesting as well as being funny.

Matriarche (2012)

Director: Guillaume Pierret


A mother visits her son in prison while he recounts the events of a bank robbery gone wrong. Over the course of events the identity of who is visiting who in prison is called into question.

The scenes of the bank robbery are very brutal with people being blown to pieces by shotgun blasts and the car crashes look like they hurt.

I did like the reveal and it does show you what real strength can be from a person, it doesn’t have to be the cock-swinging bravado.

Rabbitland (2013)

Directors: Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr

In a bleak landscape, the pink clay brainless rabbits go to vote every day at the behest of the evil girls that rule them.

While this was a funny and strange short, it did hit you over the head with the message unnecessarily.

The rabbit character designs look interesting as do the different buildings and strange locations such as the long conveyor belt and giant leg and foot and the evil girls.

A Story for the Modlins (2012)

Director: Sergio Oksman


With a introduction that includes a scene from Rosemary’s Baby where the person played an extra, this film tells the story of a family’s life based on a suitcase full of photos and papers found on the street.

While the director says he made up from the story from the photos as he saw fit, it does get a bit confusing if the story changed to suit the objects.

In this age of everyone being connected, there are still people that refuse to use technology but it is becoming a lot rarer. More importantly there are people who live quiet lives and die without leaving a lasting legacy, it is more sad than weird.

Eat (2012)

Director: Moritz Krämer

After getting body snark from a fashion shoot crew, a model goes to the dressing room to eat her yoghurt and ends up eating a rose petal, then starts breaking pieces off the furniture and walls to eat them. Being ashamed of herself, she then stretches her lip over her head and eats her whole body (I could not watch that.)

Not really a fan of body horror, but it does bring a new meaning to “chewing the scenery”.

Unicorn Blood (2013)

Director: Alberto Vázquez

In a world where cute teddy bears hunt unicorns, not all is as it seems. The unicorns are guarding against the worst demon, man.

I was really looking forward to this one, but found it a bit disappointing. The introduction was way too loud and hurt my ears and the main characters just walked around. It ended rather abruptly.

While it would have been fun to see the war against the unicorns by teddy bears, I have to be content with just one being shot by an arrow with a love heart on the tip. A unicorn did gore one bear in the eye.

The film reminded me of the Terry Pratchett story Lords and Ladies where unicorns are dangerous wild animals that kill on sight.

Flytopia (2012)

Directors: Karni Arieli, Saul Freed

Out in the country a man is very bothered by insects, while his girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind them to much. When she goes away on a trip the man keeps fighting them until the insects offer him a deal. The things offered by the insects get increasingly weird, but what they want from the man gets more and more until a Faustian deal is put on the table.

This was the best movie to put at the end of session of strange shorts. If a fly can suck you off, you have bigger problems. There are more insects living inside your home than you would realise as they get everywhere.

I did end up giving up control of my kitchen to cockroaches at one point and still put all my perishables in the fridge due to this.

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