MIFF 2013 – Hong Kil Dong (1986)



Director: Kil-in Kim
Starring: Chang Son Hui, Gwon Ri, Riyonun Ri, Yong Ho Ri, Kenpachiro Satsuma


What a cock-tease, ninjas and then no ninjas until right near the end. Hong Kil Dong is the illegitimate son of a minister who the stupid old bag who he lives with mistreats with and even pays some bandits to kill them when they go off to the frontier.

They are rescued by a strange old man who gets called “fucking buffer!” by the bandits and they also warn each other to “watch out bro!” when he hits their pressure points and freezes them. Hong Kil Dong asks to train with the old man and goes to live with him on the mountain.

Cue the cute training scenes and jumping a sapling with leg weights. Several years later and Hong Kil Dong (Yong Ho Ri) jumps the now grown tree easily. Finally taking the leg weights off, he can fly.

One day at the local inn he rescues a girl that sets in chain the events that lead to him becoming the hero of the people with a fetching purple headscarf. He does cry at lot at the injustice of everything and people kept laughing during the screening at his girlfriend for some reason.

The movie would have finished early if they had just cut the head off the stupid battleaxe at the start and fed it to the dogs. I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen every time scragglepuss appeared.

Hong Kil Dong does come across some bandits who tell their victims to “put down your stuff and piss off!” including the brother of the man he killed earlier. He decides to spare his life saying he “killed” the bad version of him and he becomes a follower.

Not sure where the ninjas came from in the story, they just turned up at a convenient time once the local threats had been dealt with. I enjoyed the scenes where the local army was dealing with the ninjas as while they may have had the numbers, the ninjas were still a threat due to their tactics.

While the movie is very hokey and looks 20 years older than it actually is, I found it quite enjoyable. One audience member travelled interstate to see it and hopefully they enjoyed the experience. The screening was quite enjoyable with people laughing mostly. Was good to contrast this film with Aim High in Creation and Comrade Kim Goes Flying.

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