MIFF 2013 – Exposed (2013)

Director: Beth B
Featuring: Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser, James Habacker, Bunny Love, Dirty Martini, Bambi The Mermaid, Rose Wood, The World Famous *BoB*



While I do not really take that many photos in the local burlesque scene these days, I do still have an interest in what is happening overseas and am one of the official photographers at the local chapter of Dr Sketchys. This documentary certainly was an eye opener as the performers are doing in burlesque things that I have only see Fred Negro do in Australia and he is a musician.

There is the usual people talking about their lives and what motivates them, but it is intercut with eye-popping performance footage and some surprising revelations.

All the performers do seem like lovely people and the story of the relationship between Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser was particularly sweet as it is often difficult for two performers to be in such a relationship as often one ends up being a lot more high profile than the other.

I would like to see some of these performers if they came out to Australia next time and even if I ever manage to get over to see them I would just like to go see them and not take photos until after I get to know them.

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