MIFF 2013 – Mood Indigo (2013)


Director: Michael Gondry
Starring: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh, Omar Sy, Aïssa Maïga, Charlotte Lebon

Colin (Romain Duris) lives a carefree life with his live-in lawyer Nicholas (Omar Sy) who cooks to amuse himself and sweeps off the table with a broom. When his friend Chick (Gad Elmaleh) comes over and says he has fallen for Alise (Aïssa Maïga), Colin says he wants to be in love too. Cue funny dance sequence with giant-bendy legs with Nicholas. Later at the party for the puppy he meets Chloé (Audrey Tautou) and they fall in love and eventually get married, but is not a “happily ever after” type story, but you will have to see how it turns out for yourself.

Once again I curse at my inability to describe something in words that really needs pictures and video to be shown fully. I would not want to spoil everything on display as that is the main joy of this film. Things like the live-in mouse who is a man in costume are never explained and also the giant room with all the people typing the dialogue for the movie on typewriters.

The “addicted to books” plot is very weird also, at one point Chick and Colin take a pill that lets them experience literature and Chick gets addicted and dissolves a book in solvent and then puts it into his eyes, leading to disaster.

You could compare this movie to Amélie, but that is selling it short as it has a lot more grit along with the creativity. I would have to say it was hipster pornography, there was polite laughter throughout the screening and I ended up giving one particular concept a single clap out loud before I could stop myself.

I enjoyed two of the supporting characters played by Omar Sy and Aïssa Maïga in particular, as Omar is cool and Aïssa is very beautiful, but in a different way to Andrey Tatou.

As I said I can’t really go into detail of all the concepts and just plain weird stuff in this movie without spoiling a lot of it, if you are a fan of the work of this director and also the actors I would recommend it.

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