MIFF 2013 – I Am Divine (2013)


Director: Jeffrey Schwarz
Featuring: John Waters, Divine, Tab Hunter, Rikki Lake, Bruce Vilanch, David DeCoteau, Mink Stole, Edith Massey and others

While I knew of Divine and have seen a couple of the movies she stars in, I did not know the whole story. I seem to remember John Waters speaking in another documentary about Divine being his star and he manages to say something different here.

Divine may not seem totally outrageous today, but you have to remember being a trail blazer means ending up on fire yourself. It was a very conservative environment and it was a crime to be gay in those days in the USA (John Waters says it was more fun that way though.)

There are a lot of talking heads in this documentary with some clips of the movies that made Divine famous, if you wanted to see more of them you can go watch the films themselves I suppose.

I did learn a lot about the actor and also did not even know Divine was lined up to have a role on Married With Children not in drag just before he died.

I was happy to see this at the festival, sitting in the same row as I did for “The Movie Orgy” a few years back with almost the same people in the same chairs. Hopefully the documentary gets a wider release on DVD and TV in the future.

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