MIFF 2013 – Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen (2012)


Director: György Pálfi
Starring: A cast of thousands, you better believe it!
Directors of the clips: Hundreds of them

After the very weird Taxidermy, György Pálfi returns to show how much of a fan of the art of cinema he is by cutting together hundreds of movies in clips running only for a couple of seconds into a coherent narrative covering all aspects of life, love and death.

I was surprised at the number and range of films involved and also the soundtrack choices as they always seemed to suit what was on screen.

This film reminds me of Joe Dante’s The Movie Orgy, although quite a lot shorter than that movie. From what I have heard it is also similar to the 24 hour movie “the clock” that uses short sequences of film showing a specific time to go through an entire day.

There seemed to be polite applause and laughter throughout the film whenever certain scenes came up that seemed to fit better than others of were something that people were not expecting.

Due to the mind-bending rights issues involved, I am not sure this film is going to screen outside a festival environment. At least in the USA films like this cannot be exhibited for profit.

I would not hesitate to recommend this movie to anyone with even a passing interest in cinema and even someone who has only seen mainstream releases will get something out of it as there are a lot of them in it.

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