MIFF 2013 – Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust (2013)


Director: Matt Weston
Featuring: Ross Knight, Dean Muller, John McKeering, Bill Walsh, Matt Lukin, Eddie Vedder, Buzz Osborne, Butch Vig, Dan Peters, Steve Turner, Mark Arm, Ray Ahn, Fudge and others

Can’t really be objective on this one, I put in money for the Pozible campaign and my name is on screen on the credits at the end. I have to say I am happy with the result and it is one of the best music docos I have seen. They also recorded the three gigs at the Tote in late 2012 and those will hopefully be on the DVD release.

It also shows that you think you have something figured out like the Cosmic Psychos and then it turns out you hardly know anything at all about it. One of the biggest fans of the band and also their friend told me there was stuff in here that he did not know about.

I saw the Cosmic Psychos at the Big Day Out in 1997 in the cattle pavilion at the Melbourne showgrounds and had heard about them before that, but didn’t really take photos of them until 2005 around the time of their Off Ya Cruet release. I even made a music video for one of the songs off the album, which I put on VCD as Ross doesn’t have a computer

There is a lot of talking heads in the movie, but it is broken up by performance footage and photos. Also having the demonstration of the drinking game with the 50c coin is something you would not see in a lot of docos.

It was interesting to see how they dealt with the split with Bill Walsh in the band. The last time I saw them in the same building both the bands they were in were playing at the same time and Bill and Ross did not cross paths. They were honest about it and have admitted they have moved on with their lives.

We all still miss Robbie Rocket, I’m not going to go into it. 2006 was a shit year with Robbie, Billy Thorpe, Ian Rilen and Lobby Loyde passing on. There was the tribute gig at the Corner Hotel that was a good send off.

Fred Negro's tribute to Robbie Rocket

There was a Q&A after the screening, but the band themselves seemed a bit reserved. It was interesting to hear Matt Weston hearing how he came onto the idea of funding the documentary through crowd funding and that he was not really that into the band before he started the project. Cheers to Paul Elliot who had a go of the 50c game and won himself a free ticket to the Psychos gig at the Hifi Bar.

The Cosmic Psychos are doing a victory lap to promote the doco with a double live LP on “beer and piss coloured” vinyl. They will also be playing over in the US with a big festival date at the same time as the Grand Final, if the Tigers are in it Ross said Matt Weston can play the bass.

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